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Parking conditions and charges

Anyone choosing to park on campus must do so in accordance with the University’s Parking Terms and Conditions (PDF , 337kb).

Parking Charge Notices

If you are found parking in a way that contravenes the Parking Terms and Conditions, you will be issued with a Parking Charge Notice (PCN) and will not be eligible for a University parking permit until the debt is settled.

These charges are not a penalty or fine. Payment of PCNs may be pursued by the University through legal means, including the courts, which may result in you incurring additional costs.

How to pay

The Parking Charge Notice is £95 and must be paid within 28 days. A discounted sum of £50 will be accepted if paid within 14 days. Please refer to the Parking Charge Notice for details on how to pay.

If you don’t pay

If a Parking Charge Notice is not paid, the owner of the vehicle will receive a series of letters requesting payment. If payment is still not received at this stage, the case is passed to a Debt Collection Agency (DCA) who will continue to chase payment. After a period of time, if the debt remains unpaid, the DCA will issue a Final Arrears Notice.

Any payment still outstanding with the DCA following a Final Arrears Notice, will be passed to the University’s solicitor who will issue a Letter of Claim. If there is no payment made within 14 days of the date of this letter, a claim will be made and an additional £50 added to the amount of the outstanding payment  to cover costs. If payment is not made within 14 days of the date of the claim, a County Court Claim will be issued against the motorist.





Parked without a valid parking permit, or without displaying a valid pay & display ticket at time of enforcement


Parked outside of parking bays or causing an obstruction


Parked displaying an incorrect permit for the car park


Parked displaying an expired university permit


Parked with an invalid permit or ticket for the day of parking


Parked displaying an expired Pay and Display ticket


Parked causing an obstruction/danger


Not parked in a designated space


Parked displaying an invalid permit for the vehicle registration number


Parking ticket or hanger permit not clearly displayed at time of enforcement


Parked for longer than permitted


Parked in a disabled bay without displaying a valid disabled badge or permit


Parked in a restricted bay


Parked in a restricted bay before 09.30am


Parked on double yellow lines


Re-parked in the same parking place or car park within one hour of leaving

How to object to a Parking Charge Notice

Please refer to your Parking Charge Notice to find out how to object.

Examples of why a Parking Charge Notice might be cancelled

We will cancel the first Parking Charge Notice that you receive if you have a valid ticket but you forgot to display it in your vehicle, it fell off the windscreen, or it was not clearly visible to the Travel and Transport Assistant. However, any further tickets may not be cancelled.

This also applies to Blue Badge holders. But if you have parked where you are not allowed to use the Blue Badge (for example where a loading ban is in place or on a taxi rank), the ticket will not normally be cancelled.

If you are delayed due to illness or injury, the PCN will normally be cancelled. However, you will need to provide some evidence, such as a doctor's note. Being delayed due to a hospital or dental appointment that overran is not usually a good enough reason.

If you are delayed due to vehicle breakdown, the PCN will normally be cancelled if appropriate evidence is provided. This could be an invoice for repairs to the vehicle, a receipt for parts or a recovery sheet from a breakdown service. However, you will be expected to have made arrangements to repair or remove your vehicle within a reasonable period of time.

If you have been a victim of crime, for example, your vehicle was stolen when the PCN was issued or you were delayed through reporting a crime to the police, then the PCN will normally be cancelled, provided you produce a Police Incident Number.

If the signs and/or markings are missing, not visible or are unreadable at the time when you parked, the PCN will be cancelled. However, if the yellow lines or other markings are faded, or partly eroded, but it remains clear what the restriction is, then the PCN may not be cancelled. Parking Attendants check that the signs and lines are correct before issuing a PCN.

If the ticket machine is not working then the PCN will be cancelled. However, it is important that you always follow carefully the instructions on the machine and tariff boards. If someone tells you that the machine is not working, please do not assume that they are correct - try it yourself.

There may be occasions where, although the PCN was correctly issued, there are mitigating circumstances that the University must take into consideration when reaching a decision. The University has a duty to act fairly and to endeavour to reach its decisions with a high degree of open-minded impartiality and by the application of the principles of natural justice and fairness.

How to appeal a decision

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your objection, you can make a further appeal to the Independent Appeals Service (IAS)

The IAS provides an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) scheme for disputes. The University may engage with the IAS ADR service at our discretion should further dispute arise over this charge in the future.

If you wish to challenge the validity of this charge then you must use the appeals procedure detailed above. Other issues can be dealt with under the complaints procedure. 

Making a complaint

If you wish to complain, you should send your complaint to the University in the first instance, by writing to us at the address given on your Parking Charge Notice. If you are not satisfied with our response, then you may refer your complaint to the International Parking Community. Further details can be found at