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 One Planet Week 2019 - Sustainable Materials

One Planet Week

One Planet Week runs every year during Week 6 of Spring Term to celebrate sustainability research and work completed at the University of York, encouraging further action through workshops, seminars and social event. There is lots to get involved in!

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How sustainable is your lifestyle?

How many planets do we need to support your lifestyle? Are you Carbon Careless, a Sustainability Superhero or somewhere in between?

Take our Quick Sustainability Quiz (here) to find out how you rate and what more you can do to improve. 

Do you have any top tips for being more sustainable? Email with your suggestions or let us know on social media using #OPW19

One Planet Week 2019 #OPW19

One planet week 2019

Week 6 of Spring Term is One Planet Week! What's on?

Running from 11 to 17 February 2019, this year we have some great events lined up. 

Also check out the Ocean Plastics Exhibition in Library Foyer all week. Look out for our "More Sustainable Options" in Nisa in Market Square. (These highlight local & seasonal productes, vegan options, fairtrade accreditations, recycled materials, and/or use of sustainable palm oil.)

Our calendar below shows all the activities running as part of the week. Click on an individual event to see more details of where it is taking place. The calendar is visible to all members of the University - you need to be logged into your University Google Account to see it. Click the +Google Calendar button (bottom right) to subscribe to the calendar.

Follow our social media (TwitterFacebook and our blog) with event announcements and hints and tips on how to be more sustainable.

What next?

What more can you do after #OPW19?

Staff? Check out Green Impact and turn your office or lab into a hub for sustainability.

Student? Volunteer to be a Green Impact Project Assistant or get involved with Student Switch Off! Want to read up on sustainable practices? Check out our handy Sustainable York Guide or read our Sustainability blog!

To find out how many planets your lifestyle is using, try the One Planet Living Calculator!

One planet week 2018

One Planet Week #OPW18

Last year, staff and students demonstrated their commitment to the theme (and principle) of Zero Waste! 

Starting with a Karaoke Night in the Courtyard, #OPW18 included a range of workshops from upcycling to fixing musical instruments; a college recycling audit competition; a Zero Waste Challenge; a virtual Wonder Wander in the 3Sixty Room; and building a bug hotel building - to name but a few.


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