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Green Impact

Recognising and awarding sustainability of staff at work, whatever the setting.

Green Impact Logo

What's Green Impact?

Green Impact is an environmental accreditation programme which is run as part of the University's Carbon Management Plan. It's a national programme which rewards green habits in the workplace, and is run by the National Union of Students (NUS) on our behalf.

This year Green Impact has involved

1,699 actions completed

1,172 as a direct result of Green Impact

470 tonnes CO2 potential saving

based on just 10 of the 200+ actions in the workbook

£155,562 potential savings

28 teams submitting

with 37 teams taking part over the year in some way

217 Green Impact team members

reaching 4,000 staff & students

60 students widening their University experience

Teams and awards

Use the dropdowns below to find a list of teams that won Green Impacts awards.

Team nameAward level
Biology DMT Hub Team Gold
Biology H&Q Block Labs

Labs - Gold

Biology Project Gold Project
BTL Technicians Labs - Gold
Computer Science Green Impact team / #00FF00 Gold
Constantine College TBC
Denby Lab (CNAP) Gold Project
Department of Education Bronze
Environment Building Most Improved Team
Labs - Silver
Gold Project
Green Careers Gold
Green Chemistry Labs - Gold
Green OPPAtunities Silver
Information Services - Library and Archives Silver
Interdisciplinary Global Development Centre Bronze
International Pathway College Silver
L1 Labs - Bronze
Langwith College Colleges - Bronze
Lichman Group (CNAP) Labs - Bronze
Marketing Gold
McQueen-Mason Lab (CNAP) Labs - Gold
Natural Sciences Green Team Silver
Student Award
Providence Planet Pioneers! Bronze
Sociology Gold
The Stables Silver
UYSEG Green Team Silver
YCL Catering and Hospitality Catering - Gold
York Plasma Institute Bronze
York Science Park Silver
TeamAward level
Alcuin EnvironmentAL Colleges Bronze
Bancroft Lab (CNAP) Labs Gold
Biology DMT Hub Silver
BTL Technicians Labs Gold
Centre for Immunology and Infection Labs Silver
Chemistry Teaching Labs Labs Gold
Chemistry.At.York Working Towards Excellence
Computer Science Green Impact Team Gold
Constantine College Gold
Colleges Bronze
Denby Lab (CNAP) Labs Gold
Genever Lab Labs Gold
GI Health Sciences Working Towards Excellence
Green Careers Gold
Green Chemistry

Labs Gold

Green OPPAtunities Bronze
Information Services Bronze
International Pathway College Gold
Langwith College Colleges Bronze
McQueen-Mason Lab (CNAP) Labs Bronze
Providence Planet Pioneers! Bronze
REcyclers Bronze
Sociology Silver
tHink gReen Gold
UYSEG Green Team Silver
WACL Waste Warriors Gold
Wentworth College Bronze
YCL Catering and Hospitality Catring Gold
York Science Park Bronze

How does it work?

If you're a staff member or postgraduate you can take part by joining your departmental team. If you're a student, you can volunteer to be an auditor.

If you're a staff member or postgraduate

We'll provide you with a workbook of sustainability boosting actions and the resources to implement them. Depending on the number of actions your team achieves, you could win a Green Impact award.

  1. Register online and join an existing team, or create a new one.
  2. Log into the online workbook and navigate to the appropriate tab for your team.
  3. In each tab you'll find actions to complete. Follow the guidance in the workbook and click 'done' when complete.

Register as a staff member or postgraduate

Want to look at the action list before registering? Have a look at our handy action guides.

If you're an undergraduate student

You'll can gain valuable work experience with York Award and IEMA accredited training (which can help improve employability) by volunteering as a Green Impact Auditor.

  1. Register to become a Green Impact Project Assistant (GIPA) or audit a team's work after their workbook submission in April.
  2. Email to find out about more.

Register to be a student auditor

The awards

Awards are presented in June, accompanied by a celebratory lunch where, hopefully, your team will achieve one of the award categories: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. 

There are also special awards for efforts above and beyond the workbook. You can also choose to do a project based award, which focuses on one action and its spread through the University and the community.

Getting started

Choose the list for you work type (office, labs, college, etc) and complete actions worth 100 points to get a Bronze award or 150 points to get a Silver award. Tackle 200 points worth of actions and you can win Gold, or 250 points for the ultimate -  a Platinum award. Your team has until early April to complete the actions and you can request a student Green Impact Project Assistant to help you achieve them.

Sustainable at work and home

It doesn't matter if some of your team are working remotely as we have a range of new and fun actions, which can also save you money at home.

Bespoke projects

Instead of completing the workbook  a team can choose to undertake their own sustainability project, which depending on its scope and reach could win either Bronze, Silver or Gold.  In 2020 our first three teams to undertake a project all won Gold Awards: