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Regulation 11: Use of computing facilities

These regulations apply to all computer users (staff, students, associates, and those persons explicitly authorised) of the University of York, using equipment provided either by the University (centrally or departmentally) or personally (when used for University purposes or on University-managed premises). Guidelines to the Regulations are available.


All computing facilities must be used only within applicable laws.


Unless stated otherwise, electronic materials are made available by the University on the understanding that they are subject to copyright law, proprietary, confidential or have restrictions on their use. Individual users of electronic materials are not permitted to copy or distribute copies unless explicitly permitted to do so under the terms of the relevant licence.


Any person wishing to hold or process personal data as defined by the Data Protection Act 1998 must inform the University's Records Manager , comply with any restrictions the University may impose concerning the manner in which the data may be held or the processing carried out, and inform IT Services in advance (if central computing facilities are used). The Freedom of Information Act 2000 supplements the Data Protection Act 1998 with the right to view any information held by the University and not exempted by standard criteria. Information held on computer systems is subject to the University’s policy on the Freedom of Information Act 2000.


(a) The term 'central computing facilities' includes computing facilities administered by IT Services (including the Campus Network and its connections to other networks, whether used for data or voice transmission) together with the University telephone system when used for computer communications. It also includes facilities at other institutions linked to those at this University, access to which is gained by virtue of holding a University of York username, and personal equipment interacting with the central computing facilities

(b) Central computing facilities may be used only by persons who are:

  • University staff
  • University students
  • associates registered by departments
  • explicitly authorised

(c) Central computing facilities may be used by those authorised under (b) above on the understanding that the University will not accept any liability whatsoever for loss, damage, injury or expense which may result from use of the computing facilities, howsoever caused; provided always that the University shall indemnify any user authorised under (b) above against any liability incurred as the direct result of the negligence of the University whilst the said user is using the facilities in good faith and in accordance with these regulations and guidelines.

(d) Permission to use central computing facilities is deemed to be withdrawn when the authorised user ceases to be authorised, and any of the user's stored information may be destroyed without notice once authorisation has been withdrawn.


(a) The username and resources allocated must be used only for University work or for the purpose for which they were requested. and only by the user and, exceptionally, those acting with the user’s explicit authorisation. Personal work may only be undertaken subject to the Regulations and the Guidelines. T he holder of a username must not authorise another person to access resources for which additional authorisation is required.

(b) No use must be made of the username and resources allocated to another person or group of persons unless such use has been explicitly authorised by the holder of the username and the person so authorised also holds a username provided under 4(b) above.

(c) No person shall by any wilful or deliberate act or by failure to act with due and reasonable care jeopardise the integrity of the campus network (or other networks to which access has been gained by virtue of connection to the campus network), computing equipment, operating systems, systems and applications programs or other stored information, or the work of other users, or attempt to access, copy, modify or disseminate information which is not intended for their use, whether within the University or in other computing locations to which the facilities at the University allow access. All guidelines on the use of computing facilities must be observed.

(d) The University will not accept responsibility for charges for the use of facilities at other locations unless such use has been authorised by the University. Any charges incurred in contravention of this rule will be reimbursed by the user.


Work performed under contract is classified as chargeable and no such work must be done on the facilities for which IT Services are responsible unless prior written permission has been received from and charges and payment terms agreed with the Head of IT Services. IT Services must be informed immediately it is intended or apparent that there is a reasonable probability of financial or commercial advantage arising out of the use of the central computing facilities. All reasonable efforts must be made to ensure that any such financial or commercial benefits, in so far as they are directly attributable to use of the central computing facilities or to the contributions from the staff of IT Services, should be shared between all parties contributing to the work concerned, in proportions to be negotiated in each case according to the University's regulations on Intellectual Property.


The academic network (JANET) must be used only for work which meets the conditions imposed by the network operator's acceptable use policy. These conditions permit use for activities in furtherance of the aims and policies of the University and constrain use for commercial activities.


No information must be transmitted internally or externally which is defamatory, which brings the University into disrepute, or which contravenes laws, licence and other contractual agreements, University policies, and conventions on equal opportunities. These include the creation or transmission (other than for approved, supervised and lawful research purposes) of any offensive, obscene or indecent images, data or other material, or any data capable of being resolved into obscene or indecent images or material.


No attempt must be made to disguise, misrepresent or conceal the identity of the disseminator of information transmitted via the central computing facilities.


The University reserves the right to monitor the use of its computing facilities. Users must co-operate with any investigations.


Breaches of these regulations will be regarded as disciplinary offences and dealt with under the University disciplinary procedures. The Vice-Chancellor, on the recommendation of the Head of IT Services, may, in addition to any other sanctions allowed under disciplinary procedures, exclude anyone against whom disciplinary proceedings are brought under these guidelines or against whom a prima facie case exists from access to all University central computing facilities pending the outcome of such proceedings or investigations. Any reasonable request from the Head of IT Services for action to remedy an apparent contravention of these regulations must be undertaken, and the Head of IT Services may initiate steps, including suspension of access to University Computing Facilities or disconnection of equipment, to maintain the integrity of the University computing facilities, to safeguard the work of others, and to enable the University to comply with legislation.


Departmental computing facilities must be used only within these regulations and the regulations and guidelines issued by the relevant department.