Ordinance 2: Members of the University

2.1 This Ordinance sets out the Membership of the University. The following persons will be members of the University, and may hold membership under more than one of the following categories:

2.2 The Officers of the University, who perform a designated constitutional role: The Chancellor, the Pro-Chancellors, the Treasurer and Deputy Treasurer, the Vice-Chancellor and President, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Provost, the Pro-Vice-Chancellors and the University Secretary.

2.2.1 The Members of the Council, and those co-opted to its committees.

2.2.2 The Members of the Court.

2.2.3 The Members of the Senate.

2.2.4 The members of the University Executive Board, not already designated as Officers of the University in 2.2 above.

2.2.5 The Members of the Academic Staff.

2.2.6 The Members of the Professional Support Staff.

2.2.7 The Undergraduate Students and Postgraduate Students of the University.

2.2.8 The graduates of the University, including honorary graduates.

2.2.9 The Honorary Professors, Emeritus Professors, Emeritus Readers, Emeritus Fellows, other Emeritus designations exceptionally granted, Honorary Senior Lecturers, Honorary Lecturers and Honorary Fellows of the University.

2.3 The mode and/or location of employment of staff, or mode of study of students does not impact on their status as members of the University. Students jointly registered with the University of York and another institution are members of the University.

2.4 Membership of the University will continue as long as a person holds membership of one or more of the above categories.

2.5 Visiting students are not members of the University.

2.6 The Council may declare such other persons members of the University as the Council may deem fit.

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