Regulation 1: Regulations for higher doctorates

Higher Doctorates that may be conferred by the University are listed in Appendix 1.

(a) Higher Doctorates may be conferred upon people who in the judgement of the University have distinguished themselves by their substantial and original contributions to the advancement of learning.

(b) Candidates for Higher Doctorates must have held a degree of the University of York for at least ten years.

(c) Applications for admission to Higher Doctorates must be based on original published work of distinction. If any of the publications submitted have been produced jointly with others, the candidate must include a written statement indicating his/her participation in the work.

(d) Applications are made in writing to the Registrar and Secretary and include:

(1) a complete list of the applicant’s academic works, in which the works on which the candidature is based are clearly indicated; and

(2) a statement by the candidate on the nature, extent and importance of the works submitted; and

(3) a statement by the candidate on whether, and with what result, any of the work in the list has been submitted for a degree of this or any other university.

The work should be presented and submitted in accordance with the rules for the submission of theses as set in the Policy on Research Degrees.

The candidate must also state whether, and with what result, any of the work in the list has been submitted for a degree of this or any other university.

(e) The Board of Studies sponsoring the application must recommend the appointment of not less than three Assessors of whom a majority must not be members of the academic or research staff of the University. Each recommendation must be accompanied by a supporting statement explaining the suitability of the person recommended and confirming that the recommendation has been formally approved by the Board of Studies or Graduate School Board concerned.

The Assessors are appointed by the Standing Committee on Assessment acting on behalf of Senate.

The Assessors prepare independent reports which are submitted together with their recommendations to the Board of Studies. The Board of Studies recommends to the Senate whether or not the degree should be awarded.

(f) If the application is successful, one copy of the work or works accepted for the award of the Higher Doctorate must be lodged with Student Services for forwarding to the University Library; the second copy is kept in the appropriate Department, Institute or Centre; and the third copy is retained by the candidate.

(g) A candidate for a Higher Doctorate must pay the prescribed examination fee on submission of the application to the Registrar and Secretary.