Ordinance 5: The Senate

5.1 This Ordinance sets out the powers of the Senate further to Article 16 of the Charter, and the membership provisions further to Statute 5.

5.2 On behalf of Council, the purpose of Senate is to hold ultimate oversight of University academic policy and regulatory matters, and in doing so to provide assurance to the Council that academic governance is robust and effective for teaching and learning, the student experience, student life, research and knowledge exchange activities. Senate also advises on the academic implications of University strategy, and champions the academic activities of the University. Senate can also express an opinion on any matter pertinent to the University.

5.3 The Statement of Primary Responsibilities (Terms of reference) setting out the powers and duties of Senate is provided on the University Secretary’s web pages.

5.4 The Senate meets a minimum of three times per year as set out in its terms of reference.

5.5 The Senate is chaired by the Vice-Chancellor and President, and the deputy in their absence would be the Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Provost.

5.6 The University Secretary is Secretary to the Senate.

Senate membership provisions

5.7 The Senate comprises four membership categories: ex officio members, nominated academic staff, elected academic staff members and student representatives.

5.8 The total membership of the Senate would not normally exceed 60 in number, based on the distribution of member categories as set out in its terms of reference and membership. Changes to the overall size and distribution of the Senate membership are subject to a Senate recommendation for approval of the Council.

5.9 Ex officio members of the Senate must not outweigh the combined total of elected, nominated and student members at any meeting of the Senate. Detailed membership provisions and the rules governing the conduct of Senate meetings are covered in Ordinance 9 - Ordinance on Standing Orders of Senior University Committees.

5.10 Equality, Diversity and Inclusion considerations are factors in determining Senate membership. See the Ordinance 9.

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