Equality monitoring for staff

We are improving our support and understanding of our community through equality monitoring.

Founded on the principles of excellence, equality and opportunity for all, the University of York is committed to improving the experience and opportunities for all staff. To achieve this we must understand the identities and characteristics of all our staff. By updating your records and completing any missing information you will be helping the University build a true and more accurate picture of the diversity of our staff. Your personal data will be used anonymously to help us identify trends and highlight any significant differences between groups.

We are extending the equality monitoring information on your MyView page by adding sexual orientation, gender identity, religion and belief, marital status and caring responsibilities, along with including more detailed disability and ethnicity categories.

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Equality and Diversity Office

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I encourage everyone to engage in this drive to update and complete our personal records. Helping the University to better understand the nature of our staff community will lead to more informed decision making, improved policies and focused investment that will ultimately provide opportunities and support that is reflective of our diversity as an institution

Professor Debbie Smith, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research (2014-2020) and Chair of University Athena SWAN Steering group (2016-2020)

Updating your information

To enable us to build an accurate picture of the diversity of our staff, please take a few minutes to update your information in MyView.

We recognise that for some people the information we ask you to provide may be sensitive and you may not wish to share this with us at this moment in time, so there is a 'prefer not to say' option to all questions.

Please remember sharing these details with us will not trigger any action for you personally and cannot be seen by anyone but authorised staff in HR. Sharing your details will help us to better understand the makeup of our staff community, offer the right type of support and facilities to all staff and highlight any issues of underrepresentation in certain areas or roles.

You can update your information by:

  1. Logging in to MyView
  2. Select 'My Equality and Diversity'
  3. Update your details using the drop-down options and select 'Update now'

It's important we have a rich understanding of the composition of our people. I am much happier knowing that I'm able to be myself at work and don't feel the need to be someone else. That's not always the case for everyone though. By learning more, we can invest in the right type of support and facilities and address issues of underrepresentation in certain areas or roles.

Hannah Smith, Co-Chair of the LGBTI+ Matters Staff Network

What will we do with your data?

  • University and departmental Equality, Diversity and Inclusion committees and working groups will use the anonymous trend data to support diversity initiatives and activities for staff. 
  • Annually, Human Resources will continue to inform HESA with data regarding Age, Disability, Ethnicity and Legal Sex for eligible staff (from 2019/20, only academic staff data will be returned to HESA). No other data on protected characteristics will be declared to HESA.
  • The data will allow us to identify opportunities to promote inclusive action in our workplace to make sure we strive to recruit and retain a diverse and representative workforce.

In order to ensure confidentiality, access to the information you provide is restricted within HR to only those members of staff who need it for essential processing. An individual's personal details will not be accessible to line managers or colleagues.

Anonymised trend data that cannot be identified to an individual will be made available, including departmental committees that are involved with monitoring and/or accreditation schemes, but again it will show anonymous trend data and statistics and will not point to people.

Legal information

We have carefully considered the data protection implications of this data collection activity, consulted the University's Data Protection Officer and conducted a Data Protection Impact Assessment to explore and address data protection risks.

Find out more about how the University uses data and upholds your rights.

You said and we did! Thank you for proactively engaging in our SREF listening exercise in February 2019. An important outcome was improved data gathering which gives us a strong basis to drive our recruitment, retention, promotion and visibility agenda. I strongly support this initiative.

Dr Avtar Matharu, Chair of the Staff Race Equality Forum

Contact us

Equality and Diversity Office

+44 (0)1904 324680