Athena Swan Steering Group

The Athena Swan central steering group provides overall direction and leads the development of institutional submissions.


Kiran Trehan – Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Partnerships and Engagement


  • Paul Walton – Chair of Athena Swan Forum
  • Derek Wann – Chair of Faculty of Sciences Working Group
  • Amelia Gully - Chair of Faculty of Arts and Humanities Working Group
  • Vanita Sundaram - Chair of Faculty of Social Sciences Working Group
  • Anna Reader  – Head of Equality and Diversity
  • Lorna Warnock - Athena Swan Coordinator
  • Iona Rodger -  Head of Reward, HR Systems and HR Services
  • JiaYing Tan - GSA Representative
  • Laura Kennedy - YUSU Representative
  • Emily Peckham - Early Career Researcher Representative
  • Nino Grillo - Language and Linguistic Science
  • Alison Sherratt - Internal Communications Manager
  • Vacant - Planning Officer
  • Deb Ward - Internal Communications 
  • Laura Robinson - Internal Communications 

Athena Swan faculty working groups

Athena Swan Faculty Working Groups are made up of a Chair (see above members of the AS Steering Group), Athena Swan departmental representatives (see below), the Athena Swan Coordinator and representatives from Human Resources and the Planning Department. The working groups support departments in preparing submissions and coordinate Athena Swan work within each faculty.

Athena Swan Forum 

A University-wide forum to share good practice across disciplines, host occasional external speakers and help raise awareness across the University. For information contact the Athena Swan Coordinator.

Chair: Professor Paul Walton

Athena Swan Departmental Representatives

Contact name Department Email address

Dr Colleen Morgan

Dr John Howlett


Dr Elva Robinson Biology
Dr Laura Bojke Centre for Health Economics

Dr Leonie Jones

Dr John Slattery


Dr Peter Nightingale Computer Science 

Dr Simon Weber Economics and Related Studies
Dr Nathalie Noret Education
Dr Jane Raisch English and Related Studies 
Dr Gideon Baffoe Environment and Geography 
Dr Amanda Perry Health Sciences

Dr Catriona Kennedy

Venus Bivar


Dr Richard Johns History of Art

Dr Laura Burgess

Dr Laura Sadofsky


Julia Lancaster International Pathway College 
Amelia Gully Language and Linguistics

Dr Emilie Dufresne Mathematics 
Dr Louise Richardson Philosophy
Professor Louise Haagh Politics

Dr Rob Jenkins Psychology

Dr Bob Phillips

Sumayya Anwer

Reviews and Dissemination 

Dr Liz Haddon

Dr Peter Dale

School of Arts and Creative Technologies

Dr Nadina Luca

Dr Naomi Finch

School for Business and Society 

Simone Quinn

Dr Kate Lancaster

School of Physics, Engineering and Technology 

Carol Robinson Sociology

Dr Sue Westwood

York Law School

Contacts for provision of central data

Contact us

Lorna Warnock
Athena Swan Coordinator

Departmental Athena Swan contacts

Contact us

Lorna Warnock
Athena Swan Coordinator

Departmental Athena Swan contacts