Athena SWAN Steering Group

The Athena SWAN central steering group provides overall direction and leads the development of institutional submissions.


Deborah Smith – Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research


  • Jane Hill – Chair of Faculty of Sciences Working Group
  • Paul Walton – Chair of Athena SWAN Forum
  • Henrice Altink - Chair of Faculty of Arts and Humanities Working Group
  • Rowena Jacobs - Chair of Faculty of Social Sciences Working Group
  • Anna Reader - Athena SWAN Coordinator
  • Helen Selvidge – Assistant HR Director
  • GSA Representative tbc
  • Ally Smith and Daisy Slate - YUSU Representative
  • Emily Peckham - Early Career Researcher Representative
  • Nino Grillo - Language and Linguistic Science
  • Alison Sherratt - Internal Communications Officer
  • Russell Grant - Planning Office
  • Evangeline Tsao, Gender Equality Fellow

Athena SWAN faculty working groups

Athena SWAN Faculty Working Groups are made up of a Chair (see above members of the AS Steering Group), Athena SWAN departmental representatives (see below), the Athena SWAN Coordinator and representatives from Human Resources and the Planning Department. The working groups support departments in preparing submissions and coordinate Athena SWAN work within each faculty.

Athena SWAN Forum 

A University-wide forum to share good practice across disciplines, host occasional external speakers and help raise awareness across the University. For information contact the Athena SWAN Coordinator.

Chair: Professor Paul Walton

Athena Swan Departmental Representatives

Contact nameDepartmentEmail address

Dr Stephanie Wynne-Jones

Dr Elva Robinson Biology
Professor Rowena Jacobs Centre for Health Economics
Dr Leonie Jones & Dr Caroline Dessent Chemistry

Professor Helen Petrie Computer Science
Professor Jo Swaffield Economics and related studies
Dr Vanita Sundaram Education
Professor Tony Ward Electronic Engineering
Dr Hannah Roche English & related studies
Dr Jon Hill Environment and Geography
Dr Amanda Perry Health Sciences
Dr Shaul Mitelpunkt History

Professor Amanda Lillie History of Art
Dr Victoria Allgar HYMS
Dr Nino Grillo Language and Linguistics
Dr Stefan Weigert Mathematics
Professor Rachel Cowgill Music
Dr Keith Allen Philosophy
Dr Marina Petri Physics
Dr Alasia Nuti Politics
Professor Beth Jefferies Psychology
Dr Peter Coventry Reviews and Dissemination
Carol Robinson Sociology
Professor Ellen Roberts Social Policy and Social Work

Dr Kristyn Gorton

Dr Kathryn Wright York Law School
Dr Anna Einarsdottir York Management School

Contacts for provision of central data

Contact us

Anna Reader
Athena SWAN Coordinator

Departmental Athena SWAN contacts

Contact us

Anna Reader
Athena SWAN Coordinator

Departmental Athena SWAN contacts