We're creating a series of spaces for our University community to explore ‘difference’ and learn from each other’s perspectives, as well as exchanging ideas and examples of best practice around EDI.

Why are we doing this?

  • To give all members of our diverse staff and student community a voice, so that they feel heard and have an increased sense of belonging.
  • To allow our University community to investigate and explore their differences, building a new appreciation of diversity across the institution.
  • To open up ownership of our EDI agenda and activity to the entirety of our University community.
  • To learn about the innovative and impactful EDI activity that is already happening at York, acting as a conduit to share and pass on ideas and best practice.

How are we doing this?

Listen & Explore Roadshow - Ongoing

We're reaching out to groups of staff and students to build relationships and investigate what an ‘inclusive University community’ means to different people. We're also really keen to find out about all of the innovative and impactful EDI work that is already taking place across the University, so that we can help to showcase and share examples of best practice with others.  If you would like to get in touch to find out more, please email us at: edi-exchange@york.ac.uk

Immersive Experience - Launching in 2024

We're working with XR Stories to develop an immersive listening and learning experience that will use real-life stories from within our own staff and student community to engage and inspire others with our inclusivity agenda.