Presenters at the IEE Conference 2013


IEE Conference 2013

Getting evidence-based practices to work

The second IEE conference took place on Thursday 21 March and Friday 22 March 2013 at the University of York, and was aimed at policy makers, practitioners, and consultants. Contributions came from a range of organisations, including Ofsted, the Wellcome Trust, SSAT, and the Social Research Unit, as well as from practitioners.

The conference focused on how we can better use research evidence in both education practice and policy making. This is central to the challenge of raising standards for all children and, in the current financial climate, essential in making sure resources are spent in the most effective way.

Contributors and programme

The keynote speakers were:

  • Baroness Estelle Morris (former Secretary of State for the Department for Education and Skills)
  • Richard Brooks (Director of Strategy, Ofsted)
  • Professor Robert Slavin (leading educational psychologist, and Professor in the IEE)

The conference programme listed all the speakers who contributed across the two days.

Speakers' presentations are available here.

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