IKnowFood Referenced in HoL Hungry for Change Report

News | Posted on Wednesday 15 July 2020

YESI supported project IKnowFood has been referenced in a recently published House of Lords Select Committee on Food, Poverty, Health and the Environment report 'Hungry for change: fixing the failures in food.

Hungry for Change Report Front Page
House of Lords Hungry for Change Report

The Select Committee on Food, Poverty, Health and the Environment was appointed by the House of Lords on 13 June 2019 to “consider the links between inequality, public health and food sustainability”.

The report found barriers at all levels of the food system that make it harder for people, particularly those living in poverty, to access a healthy and sustainable diet.

The IKnowFood programme supported the idea that food insecurity does not receive the dedicated government attention it needs and suggested that:

“the Government continues to see food insecurity as an overseas issue, with DFID the only Department to include them in its Single Departmental Plan.”

and that

“there is no clear ministerial accountability for combatting food insecurity in the UK.”

The University of York IKnowFood programme recommended that the Government:

“appoint a minister with responsibility and accountability for combatting food insecurity within the UK.”