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New device?

Posted on 8 January 2021

If you have a new laptop, tablet, or mobile this new year, find out how to make the most of it.

Photo of a gift wrapped laptop with the words: New device? Connect to the network and access free software #UoYTips

Get connected

Whether you're on campus or working elsewhere, find out how to connect your new device:

Connect on campus

Work off campus

Keep it safe

Your first step to keeping your device safe from security breaches and malware infection is to keep it up to date. Updates will include security patches, bug fixes and new features, and on many devices you can set them up to install automatically. Find out how:

Keeping your computer up to date

Install anti-virus/malware software on your machine - for Windows, we recommend using Microsoft's own Windows Defender, which is free. You may not need anti-virus/malware software on Mac OS as it will actively try to prevent you opening malicious files; however, if you want to install additional protection, we recommend Sophos which is available free to students. Find out more, including advice on protecting your mobile:

Install virus & malware protection

Install software

As a student here, you can get lots of different software packages for your own computer either free or at a discount.

The University has subscribed to Office 365 to provide you with a free copy of the MS Office suite, which you can install on up to five different devices.

Get Microsoft Office 365 for free

There's a range of other software available to you too, including EndNote Web, SPSS, and Maple. Find out what you can install, and how, at:

Obtaining discounted software