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Alcohol Awareness Week

Posted on 14 November 2021

Understanding the amount of alcohol that we are drinking, and understanding its effects, can help us make informed decisions about drinking.

Many of us drink alcohol for a variety of ever-changing reasons - to relax, to socialise, to de-stress, to have fun, to relieve boredom, to deal with feelings of loneliness, or to try and cope with (or avoid) problems.

But drinking too much and too often can cause or exacerbate all sorts of problems with our physical and mental health, and may begin to affect relationships with those who are close to us. Alcohol is also strongly associated with mental health problems like anxiety and depression.

Taking control of the amount that we drink is a good way to improve health and wellbeing.

Try Dry: the app to help you cut down

Download Alcohol Change UK's free app to help you meet your goals, whether you want to cut down on your drinking, or go totally alcohol-free.

  • Track your units, calories and money saved when you cut down or cut out alcohol
  • Understand your drinking pattern and track your progress by using the 'My charts' feature to see how much money you spend, units you drink and calories you consume over a time period
  • Use the health quiz to check up on your drinking
  • Keep track of your current and best ever dry streaks
  • Use the app for Dry January and beyond

Download Try Dry

Take part in Alcohol Awareness Week

Check your Drinking - Check how healthy your drinking is with this quick quiz.

Unit Calculator - Use the unit calculator to find out how many units are in a particular drink, or to check how much you're drinking.

Alcohol Quiz - Test your knowledge on alcohol with this quick quiz and find out if you know how much is too much.

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