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How to create content for posters and presentations

Posted on 30 April 2021

The Academic Skills Community has a whole host of events taking place this week to suit all levels of study.

What’s new this week?

Academic Skills Community

This week we’re starting our series on preparing yourself for the University Learning and Teaching Conference - so if you want to know how to write a proposal for a conference and create content for presentations and posters, these are the sessions for you! You can book these workshops here:

Friday 7 May - An intro to L and T Conference and Writing Proposals
Thursday 10 June - Designing Online Poster Presentations
Thursday 17 May - Online Oral Presentations

Other workshops in Week 3

Tue 4 May - Confidence in Discussions Part 1 of 4
Tue 4 May - Discover Your Strengths: An Intro to York Strengths (Book via Handshake)
Tue 4 May - Maths Skills: Getting Started with STATA
Wed 5 May - Dissertation Skills: Reading For Your Dissertation
Thur 6 May - Digital Wednesdays: Literature searching
Thur 6 May - Learning and Self Reflection: Use learning to develop yourself
Thur 6 May - Maths Skills: ANOVAs in SPSS
Fri 7 May - Let's Get Critical: How to read an article
Fri 7 May - Maths Skills: Getting Started with SPSS
Wed 5 May - Academic Writing: Structure and Style

Don’t forget, you can also find (and book) our sessions using the MyUoY app!

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