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Take part in autumn environmental action

Posted on 8 November 2019

Help the Grounds Team with autumnal efforts to look after our campus and the environment. There’s a free coffee in it for you, too.

Pick up leaves. Get a free coffee. Wednesday 13 November.

The Grounds Team are looking for volunteers to aid with leaf collecting efforts on Campus West at 2pm on Wednesday 13 November. Participants will receive a free coffee voucher.


Problems arise when too many leaves find their way into the lake. They sink to the bed of the lake and start to decompose, which can lead to acidification of the water and oxygen reduction. They also may encourage algal blooms in warm weather.

What do I need to do?

Meet the Grounds Team on the grass outside the Spring Lane Building entrance (near Central Hall) at 2pm on Wednesday 13 November.

The Grounds Team will use leaf blowers to collect leaves into piles. Your job will be to help load them into the trailers provided.

Leaf collection will continue until 4pm. Stay as long as you like - every leaf collected is one saved from blowing into the lake!