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Stay river safe

Posted on 22 September 2018

Keep yourself and others safe around York's rivers.

Rivers are dangerous - stay together and drink safely

York's rivers can be deadly. During Freshers' Week, think about how to look after yourself and others near the water:

Top tips for river safety

  • Don’t walk home near the river - it's easy to slip and fall
  • Look out for your friends ​ - make sure they get home safely
  • Never enter the water - especially if you have been drinking alcohol
  • Remember that drinking alcohol ​can ​seriously ​impair your ability to get yourself out of trouble

Help on the street

The York Streetwise team are available in key pedestrian routes near the University on Sunday and Wednesday nights, offering support for all between 10pm and 4am. They help people get home safely and are clearly identifiable in yellow high-visibility vests.

If you have any questions or concerns, the Streetwise team are happy to assist.