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First years: apply for the York Award

Posted on 27 April 2017

Stage one applications close at 5.00pm, Tuesday 2 May. Apply now for your chance to be fast tracked to the University's exclusive professional development programme, York Futures.

York Award: Get it. First years and postgraduate students, apply now for stage one.

The York Award is a way for you to demonstrate to employers that you have worked proactively while at university to develop yourself beyond your degree.

Use examples from your extra-curricular activities, societies, volunteering and work experience to show that your time at York is preparing you in a well-rounded way to become an excellent future employee.

The York Award can be completed as stage one, or Gold, and from Autumn Term 2017 we will be introducing York Leaders. First year students and postgraduate students can apply for stage one, and second year and postgraduate students can apply for Gold. 

Apply now for stage one

If you've been thinking about applying for York Award stage one, there's still, time, but you need to act now and make sure your application is in by 5.00pm on Tuesday 2 May.

Come along to our 'Get it done!' session this afternoon and hammer out your application in a dedicated computer room, Thursday 27 April 2017, 1.00pm to 7.00pm, G/169. Careers staff will be on hand to answer your questions.

York Futures

By engaging with the York Award you have the opportunity to be fast tracked into York Futures, our industry-leading development programme designed to help you understand your personal strengths and how you can use them in future career areas.

York Futures will enable you to take charge of your career journey, build your confidence, understand the opportunities open to you and move forward towards the graduate career that's right for you.

Find out more about York Strengths.