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Submitting applications

A range of electronic submission systems are used by awarding authorities as portals to provide information about and submit funding proposals.  The following are the most commonly-used systems.


Je-S is the tool used to submit proposals electronically to research councils. It is the tool submission system that is most likely to be used by research staff.  The system is used by AHRC, BBSRC, EPSRC, ESRC, MRC, NERC and STFC (formerly CCLRC and PPARC), as well as the Technology Strategy Board (TSB)  and Energy Technologies Institute (ETI), to provide their communities with electronic grant services.

The system contains the current live proposals available from these research councils with the relevant documentation. Tenders are submitted through this portal. The J-eS tool enable the university to monitor the majority of the calls from research councils. It is also a valuable tool for departments to monitor and co-ordinate applications and to monitor research student details.


Je-S accounts can be created on the system's site. If necessary, lost passwords can be retrieved from the left-hand menu or the Je-S Helpdesk.

To access documents for a new call, follow the link in the relevant email notification. Documents need to be assigned to a user to be accessed: do this by clicking "add document" then "invite views". Viewing privileges are granted through the "add editor" section.

Submission Deadline

As a fail-safe, when you click the submit button the application is sent to the relevant Grant coordinator for approval and then sent on to the awarding organisation. It is therefore vital that sufficient time is given in the submission plan to make allowances for this. Always have your submission ready at least one week prior to the deadline. If it is a popular call there will be a large number of applications and the system is very busy prior to the deadline.  


Please note that there is a 4000 character limit for each of the questions. The system does not accept bullet pointed characters; copying and pasting these from another document will affect the formatting.

EC H2020 projects

All projects are submitted and managed through the Research Participant Portal. If you intend to submit an application or have any questions about how to manage your project please contact

European Space Agency

The European Space Agency (ESA) uses the EMITS system for processing online tenders. is the source to find and apply for USA federal government grants.