Accessibility statement


Authorisation will be required from your Head of Department, though some departments may require additional authorisations. It is always best to discuss the authorisation process with the relevant Grant Coordinator as soon as possible.

Any application submitted for approval after 4PM on the last working day before the deadline will not be approved without prior agreement.

Please refer to the submission deadlines policy for authorisation periods.

In line with the University's Scheme of Delegation, all research related projects where the value to University of York is >£2m will require additional authorisation by the PVC Research - the Submission and Match-Funding Approval Form should be completed and sent with a draft application as early as possible (it does not need to be the final version and two weeks before the deadline is advised). This form should also be used for research projects requiring PVC-R authorisation for other reasons. The PVC-R Approval Flowchart (PDF , 41kb) should be checked to determine whether PVC-R authorisation is required.

Applications for match funding from the Research Development Fund only complete the same Application Form, which constitutes both the match application and submission approval step.

Outline proposals

Any application where UoY are required to submit a price to a funder or a lead partner must be fully-costed using Worktribe. This applies to all stages of submission including, for example, Expression of Interest (EoI) or Outline applications

Outline proposals should be costed on Worktribe even though a detailed cost breakdown will not be necessary on the application.  The HoD will need to be informed of the outline to be aware of pending commitments.  Some larger projects, involving multiple departments or requiring unusual commitments from the University are likely to require additional approvals – please contact the relevant Grant coordinator team for advice.

For Research Councils, most outline applications are electronic so your Faculty Research team will be aware of the proposal.  For non-electronic applications a copy of the paperwork should be sent to the Grant coordinator and it will be for recorded as an application on Agresso and the ‘hit-rate’ system.