Accessibility statement

Support for Research grants

Determine who from Research Grants Operations to contact

Support from Research Grants Operations (RGO)

Research pre-award

  • A review of all financial aspects of research grant and contract submissions before sent to funding bodies
  • Advice to academic and administrative staff on research grant applications including sponsors' terms and conditions, J-eS and other electronic submission systems, use of Worktribe costing tool.
  • EU funding opportunities and proposal preparation advice
  • Final J-eS submission
  • Contract review, drafting and negotiation, collaboration agreements (Research Innovation Office, IP Manager)
  • Enterprise and innovation staff provide support for Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, Knowledge Exchange and other industrial partnerships.

Research post-award

  • The administration of all research grants and contracts awarded to the university (including initial cost-code set up, set up of budget and DA monthly charges, funding authorisation for staff appointments, sponsor invoices and claims, compliance of expenditure with sponsor rules, final audit and close-down of grants)
  • Contractual and statutory compliance
  • Grant transfers to/from other higher education institutions.

Support from your department

Research pre-award

Research post-award

  • Project deliverables and scientific/management reporting, excluding financial statements
  • Managing the budget
  • Completing staff appointment forms and submitting to RGO for funding authorisation.

Non-research projects

  • Completing a 'submission of non-research project form' for non-research proposals 
  • Project deliverables and all reporting
  • Managing the budget
  • Invoices and claims.