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The post-award procedures are outlined in the University's Financial Regulations, as they relate to Research Grants.

Research grants

Research grants from research councils, charitable sources, the European Commission and other non-commercial sources.

If the grant-giving body makes an award, any offer letter received by the applicant should be sent to contact your Faculty E2E Research team stating whether or not, in the applicant's view, the terms are acceptable. If it contains any reference to intellectual property, the IP Manager should be consulted. If the offer letter is sent directly to the Finance Department, the applicant will be sent a copy to ensure that the terms are acceptable.

In all cases if an official acceptance of a grant is required by a grant-giving body it should be made by the finance director or his nominee.

Once a grant has been awarded

Once a grant has been awarded the investigator must liaise with the Grant coordinator and HR at the earliest opportunity to discuss staff appointment matters such as duration, grading, advertising and work permits.  Faculty E2E Research teams are responsible for approving funding for these short term research posts with HR before they will initiate a staff contract.

An account code (project code) together with a budget will be issued to the investigator by your Faculty E2E Research team. This is the authority given to commence expenditure on that grant award up to the budget stated. Financial management is the responsibility of the investigator and any expenditure beyond that given by the budget is the responsibility of the investigator to clear. Similarly, if non-fulfilment of a grant condition gives rise to disallowed expenditure or non-payment of a final grant claim, it is the responsibility of the investigator to clear the debt (e.g. late submission of a Research Council final report).

A 'Kick-Off' meeting may be requested. Agenda items for this meeting may include some or all of the attached. Kick-Off Meeting Agenda (MS Word , 15kb)