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Applying for funding

The following pages will guide you through the stages of applying for funding and give further information about other related activities such as contracts and Intellectual Property.

Please note that all research applications must now comply to internal university policy. For more information please click here

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Worktribe - Worktribe Research Management has been developed from the ground up to help academics and administrators manage research activity from initial project conception right through to publication.

Planning your application

  • Finding funding
    Identifying the main sources of funding in your subject area and understanding their application procedures, deadlines and requirements.
  • When to apply
    Maximise your chances of success by carefully planning your application.
  • Costing
    The costing process, including fEC and Worktribe.
  • Risk Management                                                                                          Guidance on completing Risk management questions within Worktribe

Reviewing and applying

  • Authorisations
    Applications require authorisation from your Head of Department and the Research Support Office for any research proposal.
  • Submitting applications
    Overview of the electronic submission systems, including Je-S.

Additional information and support