Accessibility statement

Glossary of abbreviations

  • AHRC
    The Arts and Humanities Research Council
  • APEN
    Academic Partner Expenditure Notification, a DTI claim form
    The Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council 
  • BIFF
    Batch Input Formatter File, a mechanism for charging DA costs to projects and crediting to departments
  • CAGE
    Commercial and Government Entity, US unique identifying reference
  • CCR
    Central Contractor Research
  • CI
  • CPD
    continuing professional development
  • DCSF
    Department for Children, Schools and Families
    Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
  • DoD
    Department of Defence, a US sponsor
  • DoH or DH
    Department of Health
  • DTI
    Department of Trade and Industry
  • DUNS
    Data Universal Numbering System, US unique identifying reference
  • DWP
    Department of Work and Pensions
  • EC
    European Commission
  • EIN
    Employer Identification Number, US unique identifying reference
    The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
  • ERC
  • European Research Council, part of FP7 / H2020 
  • ESA
    European Space Agency
  • ESF
    European Social Fund
  • ESRC
    The Economic and Social Research Council
  • EU
    European Union
  • fEC
    Full Economic Costing
  • FP7
    7th RTD Framework Programme of the Europan Union, EC funding
  • FTEs
    Full-Time Equivalent number of staff or students
  • H2020
    Horizon 2020, 8th RTD & Innovation Framework Programme of the Europan Union, EC funding
  • HESA
    Higher Education Statistics Agency
  • IPR
    Intellectual Property Rights
    Joint Costing and Pricing Steering Group, group that developed TRAC and fEC
  • Je-S
    Joint Electronic Submission, Research Council application system
  • JIF
    Joint Infrastructure Fund
  • JISC
    Joint Information Systems Committee
  • KE Plan
    Knowledge Exchange Plan
  • KTN
    Knowledge Transfer Networks
  • KTP
    Knowledge Transfer Partnerships
  • MoD
    Ministry of Defence
  • MPIN
    Marketing Partner Identification Number, US unique identifying reference
  • MRC
    The UK Medical Research Council
  • NAO
    National Audit Office
  • NERC
    Natural Environment Research Council
    NIHR Evaluation, Trials and Studies Coordinating Centre, group name for many NIHR funders/awards
  • NHS
    National Health Service
  • NHS SDO (formerly NCCSDO)
    National Health Service – Service and Delivery Organisation  Funder (part of DoH/NHS)
  • NIH
    National Institutes of Health, US sponsor 
  • NIHR (CCF)
    National Institute for Health Research (Central Commissioning Facility), manages research funding on behalf of DoH & NHS
    NIHR Coordinating Centre for Research Capacity Development (formerly NCCRCD), funder (part of DoH/NHS)
    NIHR Health Technology Assessment Programme (formerly NCCHTA), funder (part of DoH/NHS)
  • NSF
    National Science Foundation, US sponsor
  • ODPM
    Office of the Deputy Prime Minister
  • PGR
    postgraduate research student
  • PI
    principal investigator
  • PIC
    Participant Identity Code, for EC proposals 
  • PIP
    Policy, Integrity and Performace
  • QA
    quality assurance
  • RA
    research assistant (postdoctoral researcher)   
  • RAE
    Research Assessment Exercise, superseded by REF
  • RCUK
    Research Councils UK    
  • REF
    Research Excellence Framework, supersedes the RAE
  • RIO
    Research Innovation Office
  • STFC
    The Science and Technology Facilities Council
  • STFR
    Special Transition Flat Rate, for EC proposals 
  • TPIN
    Trading Partner Identification Number, US unique identifying reference
  • TR
    Transparency Review
  • TRAC
    Transparent Approach to Costing
  • TTA
    Teacher Training Agency
  • URF
    Unique Registration Facility, for EC proposals
  • YIMS
    York Information Management Systems
  • YJB
    Youth Justice Board