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New provider for the Virtual Desktop Service

Posted on 23 October 2023

IT Services have recently completed work to set up a new provider for the Virtual Desktop Service (VDS).

Staff who need to access the VDS should now do so using the Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD). 

The VDS lets staff and students access certain apps which are usually only available on on-campus devices, switching to this new provider will allow us to offer a more stable service.  

There are some differences between using AVD and our old provider Parallels, the main one being that when you log in to AVD it will display a list of apps rather than logging you into a full desktop. This means you only need to open the apps you want to use and can easily switch between the virtual desktop and your laptop or PC desktop. 

Guides on using AVD can be found at the link below: 

Please note that the existing service (Parallels) will be removed on 8 December.  

If there is something missing from our new provider which prevents you from working on the VDS as required, please email