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ESAY celebrates 2 year anniversary

Posted on 26 October 2023

Environmental Sustainability at York's (ESAY) latest report highlights some of their successes over the last 2 years, including showcasing how it has supported our University's Sustainability Plan.

Environmental Sustainability at York (ESAY) is a University of York-based team that helps to connect the activities we are doing on environmental sustainability within teaching, research and campus operations to deliver new joined-up benefits and create impact within and beyond the University. 

Through creating and leading collaborative activities, networking and providing resource support, ESAY aims to maximise our environmental sustainability impact with internal and external partners by working collaboratively.

Celebrating 2 years

Since being launched in October 2021, ESAY has emerged with a powerful mission: to cohere environmental sustainability teaching, research, and operational practices across the University of York and with external partners. Today, we are proud of the progress ESAY has made, advancing the strategic goals outlined in the University of York Sustainability Plan through innovative and diverse approaches.

To celebrate their 2-year anniversary, ESAY has created a report to highlight some of their key successes, including the Sustainability Clinic, York Living Labs, the Student Sustainability Opportunities Hub, and supporting the wider University of York Sustainability Plan, progress of which will be reported with the University community shortly.

Interested in contributing to environmental sustainability at York? Discover the latest opportunities to participate in ESAY's initiatives at the end of this report, or email

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