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Be a Good Neighbour

Posted on 1 November 2023

Problems with parking in the neighbouring area of Osbaldwick has resulted in a number of complaints from local residents and Councillors.

This is a growing problem which is impacting the University’s relationship with the local community and is creating a perception of our staff and students that is not accurate. 

Please think before you park and consider whether you may be causing increased congestion on an already busy street, or an inconvenience to members of the local community. 

Things to consider include whether emergency vehicles will struggle to pass? Are you parking on a blind bend or creating a safety risk for other road users? Are you leaving your car for an unreasonable amount of time? Could your car be damaged by large vehicles struggling to pass?

Always park cars considerately and legally. 

Sustainable travel

There are many sustainable ways to travel, however if you do choose to travel by car to the University then please use one of the many car parks that we have on campus. Since introducing changes to our Working from Home policy we have revised our parking permit scheme to meet the needs of staff who are working more flexibly and with different budgets.