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Update on release of Spring Term timetable

Posted on 9 November 2021

Thank you for your cooperation and work on the various timetables produced over the last 18 months.

It has been a huge team effort from the timetabling team and colleagues in departments. 

The team is looking forward to more standard timescales for 2022/23 and is working with departments to look at what we have learned over the period of Covid-19 to improve our service and efficiency. 

We intend to release the Spring Term timetable to students on Thursday 16 December. A draft version of the timetable will be released to staff on Thursday 2 December

Queries and change requests

Please send through any queries on the draft timetable by Thursday 9 December, so the timetabling team has time to make any necessary adjustments.

Any requests received after this date may not be processed.

The timetabling team will have to prioritise change requests and will be working through any genuine staff or student clashes and any hard constraints that have not been met. Location and timing preferences may not always be met. The University has done an excellent job on recruitment this year and the full suite of rooms and time slots will have to be used. 

The team will continue to work through requests and changes until Friday 4 February 2022.

After this they will make no further changes to the Spring Term timetable, so that they can get the Summer Term timetable released and go back to supporting departments in a more holistic way for 2022/23. 

If you spot any students missing or modules missing from students, please check that SITs data and their module allocations are correct in the first instance. It used to be possible to make manual workarounds if this data was incorrect, and although the new system updates much more effectively, it doesn’t allow this work around. 

Registers and Zoom links

Student registers are now working and will work from MyTimetable once the students are allocated. 

Zoom links should now all be working through MyTimetable.

There is currently a minor issue where the Zoom link is the same for the whole term and will display the date of the first session in the sequence rather than the current date. This does not impact the link, which will work for all the sessions, however it could cause confusion. The timetabling team is planning to implement a fix this week.

If you have already distributed links for future sessions, you will need to check these as they will need recreating.

In the majority of cases we do not recommend manually distributing Zoom links outside of MyTimetable; the MyTimetable/Zoom platform integration is intended to allow staff and students to join directly via MyTimetable in real-time.