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Peer-Assisted Learning schemes

Posted on 3 August 2021

Students helping other students to embed their learning is at the heart of Peer-Assisted Learning.

While in-person learning has been restricted, departments across the University have used innovative and creative ways to improve students’ connection to departments and each other.

When students are able to build networks of contacts who can provide help and support, their progression and achievements improve.

A Peer-Assisted Learning scheme is a great way to support a learning community within a department. Schemes create a learning environment where students can try things out, gain confidence in asking questions and deepen their understanding - all with the support of other students.

Peer-Assisted Learning also eases students’ transition into university life and study in their first year with us.

Second and third year students lead the sessions for first years. Students are in control - they choose the module and what’s included in the sessions - whether that’s a focus on reviewing the content of the module, or embedding skills, such as time-management or essay writing. It’s a great way to develop communication and interpersonal skills, deepen subject knowledge and increase confidence in facilitating discussions and working with other students.

A Peer-Assisted Learning scheme is easy to set up and there’s lots of support available from the PAL team. They can provide presentations and information, consultations about the logistics of establishing a scheme, training, and support with establishing and evaluating the scheme.