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Research Excellence Framework updates

Posted on 27 March 2020

Research England has announced that REF 2021 is now on hold, delayed until further notice.

The 3 April deadline for nominations to the expert panels has been lifted. Nominations may continue to be made until further notice. An appropriate notice period will be given when a new deadline is in place.

The submission deadline of 27 November 2020 no longer applies. A new deadline will be announced at least eight months before submissions are due.

In view of the significant effort that has been invested so far in preparation for the current REF cycle, and following the Minister’s advice to universities on supporting staff, Research England have said that the REF staff census date (31 July 2020) remains unchanged for now.

The University will continue to work with UUK and the Russell Group to understand further the implications of the postponement and the plans for the rescheduled submission. Further information will be shared with relevant staff by the PVC for Research. 

We will ensure full allowance is made for the impact of coronavirus across affected areas of submissions.