Accessibility statement

Web training and access

The University's website is created using a Content Management System (CMS) which is managed by the Marketing team.

You should get in touch with the Marketing Support team at before signing up if you're looking to:

  • make updates on a single web page
  • make updates on up to five pages
  • create a new website
  • redevelop exisiting web pages

We'll be able to edit pages on your behalf and can offer guidance on creating new websites and redeveloping exisiting pages.

There are two levels of access, both of which require you to complete training:

  • Contributors are able to edit existing pages, but require a moderator to approve their changes.
  • Moderators have the same rights as contributors, but can also create new pages and approve changes. You must complete contributor training before moderator training.

If you have already completed training but require different levels of permission or access to additional areas of the website then please complete the relevant section of the form below.

Most web edits can be done by the Marketing Support team, and you can send them through to