Before using the Web Content Management System (CMS) you will need to request access to the system. There's a lot that you'll need to learn and remember, which is why we created mandatory training you'll complete as part of your set up. 

Through the training, you'll learn the basics of how to use the CMS, and we'll guide you through how to create content. This will ensure you're prepared to create best-in-class content that's accessible and user friendly.

If you won't need to make regular updates, we recommend the Communications Support team makes updates on your behalf rather than having an account set up. Submit a request.

Web CMS account set up

When requesting an account, we ask you to include details of another person to authorise your request to ensure the correct access is being given to live web pages and the relevant staff members are aware of who has access. This could be your Department's web author, your line manager or another appropriate member of staff.

The Communications team will review your request once we've had confirmation from your authoriser and be in touch with you.

There are two levels of access, both of which require you to complete training:

  • Contributors are able to edit existing pages, but require a moderator to approve their changes.
  • Moderators have the same rights as contributors, but can also create new pages and approve changes. You must complete contributor training before moderator training.

Requesting different access

If you have already completed training but require different levels of permission or access to additional areas of the website then please complete the relevant section of the form as an existing user.


We have a series of training modules that you will need to complete, which include tasks to practise and perfect in the CMS.

  • Module 1: Creating content for the web
  • Module 2: Web CMS: Contributor training
  • Module 3: Web CMS: Moderator training