James Turrell: Ganzfeld: Tight End 2005, Yorkshire Sculpture Park - recreating a ‘ganzfeld experience’ where atmosphere diversity and the powerful mass of light gradually become physically felt. (c) http://www.flickr.com/photos/andrewpaulcarr/

Anomalous Experience Research Unit

The Anomalous Experience Research Unit (AERU) was established in the summer of 2006 to research into the contexts, characteristics and consequences of experiences which suggest anomalous psychological processes and agencies, and exceptional states of consciousness. Although based in the Department of Sociology at York, the Unit seeks to develop interdisciplinary social science research on anomalous experiences.


Research Projects

Research in the Unit addresses four (overlapping) issues:

  • Language, social interaction and anomalous experiences
  • The exploration and application of new social scientific methods for the study of consciousness
  • The role of the researcher in the study of anomalous experiences; ethics and reflexivity
  • Anomalous experiences in everyday life

Current research projects include:

  • Cross cultural comparison of the discourse of anomalous experiences
  • Communication and conscious experience; the evidential status of introspection and anecdote
  • The internet and psychic/spiritual services
  • Ethical and emotional labour of consultation with psychic practitioners
  • New technologies and the study of naturally-occurring anomalous experiences
  • Group interaction and ambiguous stimuli
  • The sociology of science and parapsychology



    • Rachael Hayward (Doctoral researcher); social interaction in paranormal research groups
    • Isaac Hughes (Doctoral researcher); Sociology of science and consciousness studies
    • Dr Clare Jackson (Lecturer); interaction in psychic demonstations
    • Sarah Roberts (Doctoral researcher); the emotional labour of mediumship
    • Matthew Spokes (Doctoral researcher); music and altered states of consciousness
    • Germaine Guenther (Doctoral researcher); coincidences in everyday life
    • Dr Darren Reed (Lecturer); technology and performance in psychic demonstrations
    • Prof Robin Wooffitt (Director); the language of anomalous experiences

Associate Members

  • Dr Madeleine Castro (Department of Psychology, Leeds Metropolitan University, UK) ; communication and transcendental experiences
  • Dr Hannah Gilbert (Convenor, Exploring the Extraordinary); mediumship and identity
  • Dr Nicola Holt (Dept of Psychology, University of West of England, Bristol); consciousness, creativity and anomalous experiences
  • Professor Yasushi Ohashi (School of Psychological Practises, College of Integrated Human and Social Welfare Studies Shukutoku University, Japan): Japanese narratives of anomalous experiences


For further information contact:

Prof Robin Wooffitt
Tel: 01904 433063
Email: robin.wooffitt@york.ac.uk


Recent Publications and Presentations

Ohashi, Y, Wooffitt, R, Jackson, CT & Nixon, Y (2013), 'Discourse, culture and extraordinary experiences: observations from a comparative, qualitative analysis of Japanese and UK English accounts of paranormal phenomena’ ' Western Journal of Communication, vol 77, no. 4, pp. 466-488

Wooffitt, R, Jackson, C, Reed, D, Ohashi, Y & Hughes, I (2013), 'Self-identity, authenticity and the Other: The spirits and audience management in stage mediumship' Language and Communication, vol 33, no. 2, pp. 93-105
Wooffitt, R. and Holt, N. (2011) Looking In and Speaking Out: Introspection, forthcoming, Communication, Consciousness. Exeter, UK: Imprint Academic.  

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Research funding and current projects

Members of the Unit have received research funding from the Bial Foundation (Portugal), the Perrott-Warrick Fund (Trinity College, Cambridge), the Parapsychological Association (New York), the University of York Innovation & Research Priming Fund, and the Society for Psychical Research.

Funded projects since 2002:

  • Cross cultural analysis of Japanese and English accounts of anomalous experiences (2009-2010)
  • 'Psi related experiences and spatialization: the use of geographic information systems to investigate spontaneous psi phenomena and experient profiling' (2009 - 2009)
  • 'Creativity, schizotypy, paranormal experiences and mental health: developing a new cognitive-parapsychological paradigm for the assessment of psi performance in the laboratory' (2006-2007)
  • 'Describing the contents of consciousness: a study of the production of reports of mental imagery using parapsychological data, and a methodological review' (2006 - 2008)
  • 'A sociological investigation of reports of conscious experience' (2004)
  • 'A qualitative analysis of rapport and alignment in experimenter-subject interaction in ganzfeld experiments' (2004 -2004)
  • 'Social science, discourse and anomalous human experiences' (2002)