Resources for pre-university assignments

If you are working on a year 13 academic assignment with the University of York or an EPQ with your school or college, then these resources are for you. They will also be very useful in your current sixth form studies and in preparing you for the transition to undergraduate study:

You may find these resources useful if you are:

  • working on an academic assignment for Next Step York, Pathways to STEM, or Pathways to Medicine
  • doing an Extended Project Qualification with your school or college
  • completing the academic element of the Realising Opportunities programme.

These resources will help you complete these assignments. They will also help you develop and apply the skills you will need:

  • narrow your research topic into a question
  • find good-quality, reliable sources
  • improve your referencing skills
  • develop your academic integrity
  • follow the conventions of academic writing.

Resources by topic

Having a good question is the first step to writing a good assignment. Having a good question means you have something to discuss and something to answer. There are a few techniques you can use to help you narrow your research topic into an answerable question.

Your academic tutor will give you guidance and feedback on your question.

Generating research ideas

To write a good quality assignment you need to find quality sources to read and reference in your writing. You need to be careful about the sources you use, as some might be incorrect or subject to bias.

These resources will help you find credible sources and recognise things to avoid:


Referencing is an essential skill that you will use a lot at university. Academic writing requires you to provide evidence to support your arguments and demonstrate to your examiners that you have read widely. It's also important to acknowledge the work of others.

Your assignment is a brilliant opportunity to learn about referencing. Practising this skill now will give you an advantage when you begin your degree studies.

"Coming into first year this gave me a real head start. In fact, a lot of my course mates looked to me for help with referencing.”
Previous Academic Assignment student

Your tutor will be on hand to give you advice about academic integrity and referencing. The following resources will also be useful:

This section includes resources to help you understand the conventions of academic writing.

Although you'll have some experience of academic writing, your assignment may be your first real opportunity to write at a university standard. Your tutor is there to support you and will provide comments and feedback on your draft.

The resources below can help you understand the conventions of academic writing:

Extended Project Qualification resources

These additional resources are useful if you're completing an EPQ: