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Using new sound design techniques Dr Mariana Lopez, from the department of Theatre, Film and Television, and Dr Gavin Kearney, from the Department of Electronic Engineering, are working to make film more accessible for visually impaired audiences.

Dr Mariana Lopez

Dr Mariana Lopez.

They hope their work could change the way filmmakers think about accessibility - creating a whole new film experience. Put your headphones on and become immersed in sound...

(headphones are recommended for this podcast)

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If you don’t like current accessibility methods you don’t have any other options. We believe that accessibility should be about embracing diversity and acknowledging that not everyone who has a visual impairment has the same needs, experiences or preferences.

Dr Mariana Lopez
Featured researcher
Dr Mariana Lopez

Dr Mariana Lopez

Chair of the Audio Engineering Society UK

Dr Lopez has a background in music, sound design and acoustics. She has studied the creation of a new format of sonic art entitled 'audio film', an alternative to Audio Description for visually impaired audiences, and her PhD focussed on the importance of virtual acoustics in furthering our understanding of medieval drama.

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