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What the British public thinks about post-Brexit trade deals

Posted on 9 January 2020

Daniel Keith and Sofia Vasiliopoulou's article appears on The Conversation this week

ties being cut between the UK and the EU

Daniel Keith and Sofia Vasiliopoulou's article What the British public thinks about post-Brexit trade deals is featured on The Conversation this week.

The UK’s ability to negotiate its own trade deals post-Brexit was central to Boris Johnson’s election-winning manifesto. Johnson’s “oven-ready” Brexit deal will keep the country out of the EU single market and any form of customs union, which will allow it to set an independent trade policy. His party promised to “Get Brexit done” in order to “unleash” the UK’s potential.

But how does the public feel about this? Do they really think that new trade deals will be beneficial?

The article in conjunction with Liisa Talving from the University of Tartu is based on research from a public opinion survey of more than 2,000 respondents.