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Expert Reaction: New guidance on medicinal cannabis

Posted on 19 July 2018

A University of York expert comments on the Advisory Council on Misuse of Drugs' (ACMD) letter to the Home Office setting out short-term advice on the scheduling of cannabis-derived medicinal products.

New guidance on medicinal cannabis has been announced

Ian Hamilton, from the University's Department of Health Sciences, said: “This seems like an overly cautious move from the Governments scientific advisers as this places cannabis in the same schedule as diamorphine; clearly cannabis preparations do not carry the same risk as morphine. 

"The ACMD also seem to be overly concerned about the potential for diversion of medicinal cannabis products. 

“I agree with the ACMD that ‘cannabis-derived medicinal preparations’ are poorly defined, so it is good that they have suggested to the Home Office that a clearer definition is needed but this will also delay access to medicinal cannabis products for patients. 

“Many people who were hoping that they would be able to use cannabis for their health problems will be very disappointed by this announcement.”

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