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Open Research Collections

The Library plays an important role in making the University’s research outputs and related resources publicly available through our Open Research Collections. These collections support good open research practice and enable researchers to meet their funders’ requirements by making research openly accessible and reusable wherever possible.

White Rose Research Online

White Rose Research Online (WRRO) is a shared, open access repository for the Universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York.

The repository contains research outputs from each of the three Universities, including journal articles, books, book chapters, working papers, conference papers, discussion papers, and more. Open access to full-text is provided wherever possible.

Accessibility information

Searching WRRO

  • YorSearch will find relevant items contained in WRRO
  • You can also search WRRO directly; this provides advanced search options, for example, a search by department
  • The contents of WRRO are also indexed by search engines such as Google Scholar
  • Full-text is available to download where permissions allow. Note that some full text may be under embargo and therefore unavailable

Additional features

  • WRRO displays altmetric statistics for each item; researchers can also find how many times their papers are downloaded
  • Provides long-term storage and a stable URL for outputs
  • Increases the visibility of outputs to global audiences, both academic and public

Further information

White Rose eTheses Online

White Rose eTheses Online (WReO) is a shared online repository of doctoral-level theses from the University of Leeds, the University of Sheffield, and the University of York.

WReO contains University of York PhD and MPhil theses from 2013 onwards, and a selection of pre-2013 theses. The full text of theses is available for most records.

Accessibility information

Searching WReO

  • Searchable via YorSearch: the Advanced search allows material type to be limited to Theses
  • Searching directly via WReO provides advanced search options, including a search by department

Additional features

  • A rich resource for postgraduate researchers to search for subject and methodology topics, and find examples of recent theses from their department
  • Online access to your thesis will help boost your profile and can lead to new research collaborations.
  • Provides a permanent link to share your thesis and for others to cite your work.

Further information

Research Data York

Research Data York is the data repository for research undertaken at the University of York. The service aims to facilitate data discovery and data sharing.

Research Data York is a good option for publishing your datasets, unless there is a subject-specific repository which is commonly used in your field or your funder requires otherwise.


  • Dataset records are discoverable and are accessed through the York Research Database; a Datasets search and browse option is available
  • A download link is provided for open datasets
  • Not all datasets are openly available, information on access is provided

Additional features

  • Archived datasets are provided with a DataCite DOI  
  • Datasets are linked to research projects and outputs in the York Research Database
  • The York Research Database includes records for University datasets archived with other services/data repositories 
  • Recording datasets with the University increases their visibility and the potential for data reuse and data citation, and forms part of researchers’ profiles

Further information