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Mailjet is a cloud-based email service that enables you to operate mailing lists and conduct email campaigns. It offers an easy-to-use template-based editing system for creating your messages using many features including personalisation, embedded pictures and multiple columns. Mailjet also provides statistics such as message open, clickthrough and unsubscription rates.

For further information see Mailjet’s website.

Mailjet should only be used for email lists and newsletters to which members have signed up; messages will always include the required option to unsubscribe. It should not be used where communications are mandatory. For example:

  • internal departmental updates
  • required communications such as accommodation updates

For these emails consider using the Student Enquiry Screen, or the Bulk Email Tool managed by Marketing.

If you need basic mailing facilities we recommend Yet Another Mail Merge (YAMM), used with Google Sheets and Mail, or Google Groups.


What's included

  • An easy to use template-based editor lets you create, lay out and format your emails with embedded pictures and multiple columns.
  • Personalise your email, from how it looks in your recipient's inbox to the content they read. Easily add dynamic content for each individual email based on variables such as name, location and user activity.
  • Manage your contacts by uploading email addresses in CSV, TXT or XLS files, or use a GDPR-compliant optin widget on your web pages.
  • All emails include an easy to use “Unsubscribe” link, as required by UK law. Unsubscribe requests and undeliverable emails are processed automatically.
  • Advanced statistics are available for your messages, such as message open, click-through and unsubscription rates.
  • A formal contract with Mailjet satisfies data protection needs and offers support from their Customer Support team. 

Optional features

  • Additional user login accounts can be set up to have access to a Mailjet account, so workload can be shared and cover provided for each other.

Data protection considerations

The University has a contract with Mailjet. Included in this contract are the necessary clauses to allow the use of the service to process personal data.

The sending of bulk email is subject to GDPR. You are required to manage your contacts’ data and operate your mailings in a manner compliant with GDPR. For example:

  • only send mailings to people who have opted-in to receiving them
  • make it easy for people to opt-out and unsubscribe from your mailings
  • keep your contact address data up to date and use it only for the purpose permission was given

For further information see the University of York GDPR guidance.

Charges and billing 

IT Services covers the cost of the University’s subscription to Mailjet, and provides access to the service at no cost. We incur a charge per month for each user login account created within Mailjet, so limit the number of such accounts per department or group.

Accessing Mailjet


Only members of staff are able to request access to the Mailjet service. It is available to the University and its subsidiaries (excluding commercial subsidiaries), but not to spin-out organisations. We ask that you request access for at most two to three people for your department or group’s Mailjet account; each user login account increases our monthly contract cost. We cannot always provide access, as Mailjet is only suitable for small-scale, external facing newsletters where we have discussed your needs in more detail.

How to request

Please contact the Library & IT Help Desk with your request, supported with a business case summarising your needs:

  • the type of communications you wish to send out and their purpose
  • the intended recipients and how you obtain and manage their email addresses
  • the frequency of your mailings

A member of our staff will get back to you within five working days to discuss your request and needs.

Request Type Fulfilment Turnaround Time
Request for a new Mailjet account Response within 5 business days to arrange meeting to discuss needs
Request for an additional user login account to access an existing Mailjet account Response within 5 business days

Using Mailjet

Supported Products /Platforms Mailjet is a web-based service. You should have no trouble using the service with an up to date version of a modern mainstream web browser and a good internet connection.

University of York information and policies:

Mailjet policies:


We don’t offer any formal courses or training for Mailjet. Instead Mailjet provides their own guide to help you get started with their service:

Service Level Agreement  Mailjet’s Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Our commitments

Target Availability Service Standards
Hours of service 24/7
Support Hours

Mailjet’s Level 1 Support is available 24/7 as per their SLA

Fault Management Mailjet provide a status page indicating any known faults with their services:

If you are experiencing a fault with Mailjet please contact their Customer Support team:

Service Support

This service is entirely owned and operated by Mailjet, who will monitor for, identify and fix all faults.

Mailjet provide extensive selfhelp material:

If you are unable to find the answer to your problem please contact the Library & IT Help Desk.


Our performance

Service Standards

Complaints procedure

If you wish to give us general feedback on this service, please see our Feedback page for ways to get in touch.



Your responsibilities

We expect you to:

  • comply with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)
  • comply with the University’s Bulk Email Policy tell us if you no longer need your Mailjet account
  • inform us if you no longer need your Mailjet user login to a Mailjet account — we will remove it to reduce the cost of our contract
  • inform us if your use case changes — we will advise on whether Mailjet is still the most appropriate tool for your needs