Accessibility statement

End-to-End IT service

IT Services manage the full life cycle of IT resources for professional support services and ensure that staff have access to one primary device that is up-to-date and fit for purpose.

The End-to-End IT service (E2E) replaces devices every five years to ensure staff are using up-to-date technology to support them in their work.

IT Services record each device, its location and assigned user in an asset management system. IT Services will remove and securely dispose of (or repurpose) old equipment.

All staff devices must be purchased via the E2E service and will be configured with the IT Services managed build by default.

Scope of the service

E2E applies to any University owned device that is a professional support services staff member’s primary device.

The following are not covered by the programme:

  • Devices attached to specialist equipment
  • Devices in study areas
  • Staff member’s secondary device
  • Externally funded devices, ie from a research grant or other departmental budgets

It is the responsibility of the department to source funding for replacement costs of non-E2E devices. These devices will still be audited by the E2E process and recorded in the asset management system.

Rolling replacement process

The University strategy for replacing staff devices is to employ a rolling five year replacement process.

This includes replacement of the following:

  • Standard desktop PCs
  • Standard laptops 
  • Standard MacBooks


All devices (including secondary devices) will be configured with the IT Services managed Windows build by default.

If you require a Mac or Linux device we will provide the IT Services managed build.

Staffing changes

In general, devices are assigned to roles and not to individuals.

Staff who are replacing existing roles would be expected to use the incumbent’s device until it meets replacement age. A new device for a new member of core staff will only be considered where the existing device is out of its warranty or within the final three months.

For new posts, where there is no existing device, a new standard device will be provided from the E2E budget.

Devices should not be transferred from one user to another without intervention from IT Services; this is to ensure the device is appropriately cleaned and the asset register and user details updated.

If a role moves between teams or departments, please update IT Services so our records can be updated.

Where staff leave and are not being replaced, their IT equipment should be returned to IT Services for reuse.

Multiple devices

There will be instances where a staff member has multiple devices assigned to them. In such cases, only one of these will be considered as their primary device. All other listed devices will be marked as non-E2E eligible. At the time of renewal IT Services may contact an individual with a view to consolidating equipment and so reduce the IT estate and support overheads.


Peripheral devices such as monitors, keyboards, mice and docking stations are not usually replaced on a rolling basis. However, should any of these peripheral items develop a fault during the product’s lifecycle, they will be replaced under E2E.


Windows and Linux

By default E2E will purchase desktops and laptops from the current preferred suppliers.

There is one standard model and specification for desktop PCs:

We provide laptops based on role requirements. By default, the standard “recommended” model will be provided:


If you have a specialist need for a MacBook, ie to use specialist software, we may consider purchasing one. Please complete this request form.

iMac, Mac Mini and Mac Pro computers are not available through E2E. If you wish to purchase these please see Requests for non-standard devices, multiple devices and peripherals below.


Standard desktops include two screens, a Microsoft keyboard and a mouse.

Standard laptops include two external screens, a Microsoft keyboard, mouse and docking station.

MacBooks include two external screens, one USB hub, keyboard and mouse.

Requests for non-standard devices, multiple devices and peripherals

In general devices will be matched to role requirements. Requests for higher specification devices will be considered, however the additional funding must be provided by local department budgets.

The higher specification device will still be procured and managed throughout its lifecycle under the E2E service. Please note: costs for future renewals must also be met via local department budgets.

Non-standard devices must still be procured through the University’s preferred suppliers.

The E2E service will provide funds for one device per staff member. Any additional devices, eg a tablet, should be procured using local department budgets.



IT Services will handle all administration tasks relating to the ordering of IT hardware.

Faults and damage

If a fault develops with any devices this should be reported to

In the event of a fault that cannot be fixed by IT Services, we will liaise with the supplier for a repair or replacement. We hold a small stock of the recommended Windows laptops to loan out to users if required. Please note: we do not hold stock of devices that have been configured to order, or are non-standard specification.

In the result of damage (accidental or due to misuse) we may recharge the cost of repairs to the user’s department.


Old equipment will be removed by IT Services on install and processed. Hardware that can be reused will be stored or deployed elsewhere. Hardware that has no further use to the University will be handed to our recycling partner who will process it in accordance with WEEE regulations. The University may receive a rebate on the residual value of such item. IT Services will use this to either cover operating costs or donate to charity. We will ensure our recycling partner has a zero landfill policy and robust ethical guidelines.


Library and IT Help Desk

Please check the FAQs below if you have any questions about using the End-to-End IT service. If you need further help, get in touch with the Library and IT Help Desk.

I’m a new starter and I don’t want to use the Windows device I’ve been given. Can I get a Mac instead?

If we have a Mac device in the E2E stock we may be able to provide this, otherwise your department will need to purchase with department funds.

I currently use a desktop but I'm due to start working from home. Can I get a laptop to enable this?

The E2E service does not provide equipment to support working from home. If you require a change of device before the end of the existing warranty period this needs to be purchased with department funds or arranged via movement of equipment within the department.

Does the End-to-End service provide specialist Display Screen Equipment (DSE), eg a specialist mouse?

The E2E service will cover the costs of specialist equipment. Please provide a copy of your DSE or Occupational Health assessment so we will procure the equipment from our preferred suppliers.