The Institute for Effective Education

The Institute for Effective Education has changed.

We have launched a new website and a refreshed visual identity which signifies a new chapter for the IEE. Although the IEE is still based at the University of York, it is now an independent registered charity.

Our mission is focused on improving teaching and learning for all children by working closely with schools to support the development and use of effective and efficient approaches.

Our first main project involves creating and supporting a network of Research Schools in England, in collaboration with the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF). We will be supporting around ten Research Schools in different regions of England to use research evidence and grow capacity for evidence-based practice in the sector.

Our commitment to improving education with evidence remains, and we will continue our dissemination and communication activity with:

Please have a look around our new website; we hope you like it, and that it reflects the change in direction for the IEE as we continue to champion evidence-based education.



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