BA degrees

Our courses cross the globe and take in nearly two thousand years of history, from the fall of Rome to the present day. All are based on the world-class research expertise of our staff, and you will benefit from their knowledge and their enthusiasm.

You will explore some subjects intensively, and in other modules step back to consider wider themes which span the centuries. You will learn about defining moments that have shaped the world, as well as discovering the lives of ordinary people. You will analyse the views of others, and conduct original research of your own during your dissertation.

BA degreesTypical offerWhat will I study?
History AAA or A*AB Course structure
History and Economics  AAA Course structure
English and History  AAA Course structure
History and French  AAB Course structure
History and History of Art  AAB Course structure
History and Philosophy  AAB Course structure
History and Politics  AAA Course structure

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