Our expertise in religious history ranges from late antiquity to the early modern period, across Europe and the Mediterranean world to Britain and Ireland.

Our research interests encompass a variety of themes including the papacy, ecumenical councils, medieval monasticism, medieval heresy, charitable institutions and the Counter-Reformation.

More specific concerns informing our research are:

  • The social context of religious belief and religious institutions
  • The interplay between narrative forms and religious experience and action
  • The relationship between politics and religion
The exterior of  York minster with the city of York in the background.

Local resources

We explore important figures and movements local to York such as the Northumbrian Renaissance of the 8th century, the life and writings of Alcuin of York, the development of Yorkshire monasticism, the See of York and lay religion from the 7th century to the Reformation and beyond.

Our research draws on some of the impressive collections located in Yorkshire such as:

  • Architecture and sculpture in and around York
  • The Borthwick Institute
  • The Minster Library
  • North Yorkshire County Record Office
  • Parish churches of Yorkshire
  • York Diocesan archives


Our community of scholars is internationally renowned in the field of religious history: