Research Training

Convenor: Miles Taylor

Module type: MA Core

Module code: HIS00086M

The course is designed to help students acquire the skills to design and manage a research project in history, locate relevant primary and secondary sources, handle those sources and prepare a research proposal. These sessions will not cover palaeography, diplomatic or languages, as there are specialist training courses for these ancillary skills. Sessions will take the form of classes and workshops, and may take the form of visits to archives and museums in York. Sessions will be led by a variety of lecturers and outside speakers with relevant expertise.

The course introduces students to a wide range of resources, sources and approaches, but the content of the classes will be in part determined by your own interests. It will therefore be just as concerned with sharing experiences of research, as with handling information, your contribution to the classes is therefore vital to their success.

There will be a series of lectures and workshops in the Autumn term geared for instructing how to construct an advanced bibliography for essay and dissertation/long essay assignments. The Spring Term is for researching and writing a dissertation proposal.

The teaching programme will typically be as follows (variants may occur):

Autumn Term

Week 1: Introduction - 2 hour workshop for all history department MA students

Week 2: Library skills (for all history MA students)

Weeks 3 - 5: cohort pathways,

  1. Medieval Masterclasses
  2. Early Modern Masterclasses
  3. Modern Masterclasses

Week 6: extra masterclasses

  1. Public History Masterclass
  2. Political Science Masterclass
  3. Interdisciplinary Masterclass

Spring Term

Week 6:‘Dissertation Inspiration’ workshop - hosted by chair of graduate board

Week 7: 2 hour dissertation session held by each MA cohort.

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