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About Medieval Art and Medievalisms

The department has one of the largest concentrations of medievalists in the world, with expertise from the late Roman Empire to the Renaissance and Reformation. The Research School also encompasses medieval revivals, involving many colleagues from later periods and encouraging transhistorical work. Research and teaching in the department ranges geographically across much of Europe and the Islamic world, with particular strengths in the material culture of the British Isles.


Local resources for the study of medieval and medieval revival art are extraordinarily rich, including the great gothic Minster, its archive, the city of York and its churches. Museums in York and the local area contain internationally important collections of sculpture from the early Anglo-Saxon period onwards, whilst the Minster and city churches of York contain the largest collection of medieval stained glass in Britain. Significant monuments in the surrounding region include the great Cistercian abbeys of Fountains and Rievaulx, and a large number of nineteenth-century revivalist churches in the Wolds.


Our research combines close attention to works of art with a high-level of engagement with current scholarship nationally and internationally. Seminars and workshops are run on a regular basis, as well as a full programme of lectures by visiting speakers. Within the university, we maintain close links with over 30 leading medieval scholars in other departments through interdisciplinary collaboration in the Centre for Medieval Studies, situated in the historic King's Manor in central York. Courses are available in Latin and Palaeography.

This is a large and active research community. We warmly welcome students who wish to join us for postgraduate research in medieval art.


Research staff

  • Professor Tim Ayers
    Later medieval art and architecture in England, especially stained glass; Art and architecture in the medieval university
  • Sarah Brown
    The art and architecture of the English Cathedral (especially Salisbury and York); stained glass in the medieval tradition.
  • Professor Jason Edwards
    Victorian neo-gothic sculpture and architecture 
  • Professor Jane Hawkes
    Anglo-Saxon art and architecture, especially figurative sculpture; Iconography; Medieval revivals in 19th-century England and Ireland
  • Professor Amanda Lillie
    Art and architecture in Italy 1300-1600, especially the palazzi and villas of secular patrons, including the Medici
  • Dr Richard McClary
    Islamic art and architecture; the architecture and ceramic arts of the wider Iranian world from the tenth to the fourteenth centuries 
  • Professor Christopher Norton
    Art and architecture of the religious orders in England and France in the 12th to the 14th centuries; Medieval decorated pavements; Art and architecture in northern England, especially Durham and York
  • Dr Jeanne Nuechterlein
    Flemish, Netherlandish and German art of the 15th and 16th centuries; Van Eyck, Dürer, Holbein
  • Professor Liz Prettejohn
    Receptions of ancient, medieval and Renaissance art; Victorian painting and sculpture, including the Pre-Raphaelites; Victorian Aestheticism; art criticism.
  • Dr Hanna Vorholt (Director)
    Illuminated manuscripts, and the representation of Jerusalem in the medieval West.


Research students

Current students 

  • Elizabeth Alexander
    Visualising the Old Testament in Anglo-Saxon England
  • Keith Barley
    Man in a Red Hat, St Mary's Church, Fairford: The Creation of a Remarkable Late Medieval Glazing Scheme
  • Karen Brett
    Spitting on an Angel, Trampling a Saint: Reading the Medieval English Pavement
  • Amanda Daw (CMS, co-supervision),
    Iconography as collective endeavour: developments in the uses of imagery in late medieval York
  • Joanne Dillon
    The Lost Dimension: Medieval Window Lead – A Study of Sources, Craft and Conservation
  • Agnes Fazakas 
    Sensing Sacrament and Sacrafice: The Body of Christ in the art of Rosso Fiorentino
  • Oliver Fearon
    Glittering Beasts: The Patronage and Craft Culture of Heraldic Stained Glass in England c1300-1540
  • Alasdair Flint
    A House for Mary: The Architecture of the Annunciation in Central and Northern Italy, 1400-1500
  • Matthias Friedrich
    The Art of Northern Europe c500-700 AD: Christian or Pagan?
  • Marie-Helene Groll
    William Burrell, Thomas & Drake, and the Transatlantic Trade in Stained Glass 1900-1950
  • Louise Hampson (Co-supervised with Kate Giles, Archaeology)
    The history and development of the stained and painted glass of York Minster from the late fifteenth century to 1829
  • Katharine Harrison
    Illuminating the Narrative: An Interdisciplinary Investigation of the Fifteenth-Century St Cuthbert Window at York Minster
  • Christopher Heginbotham
    The Romanesque Bronze Doors and Portal Sculpture of San Zeno, Verona
  • Anya Heilpern
    The painted glass of Winchester Cathedral: c.1495-c.1528
  • Melissa Herman
    An Art of Transition: Anglo-Saxon Art from the sixth to the eighth centuries
  • Claire Hildreth
    Exploring the Eccentricities and Anachronisms of Gothic Revival Sculpture in the Nineteenth Century
  • James Hillson
    St Stephen's Chapel, Westminster: Architecture and Decoration in the Courts of Henry III and the three Edwards (1231-1363)
  • Eleanor Jackson
    Art of the Irish Pocket Gospel Books
  • Clive Jobbins
    The Iconography of the Angelic in Early Christian Anglo-Saxon Art (c. 600-900)
  • Claudia Jung
    Visual translations of Jerusalem in the Early Modern Netherland
  • Jessica Knowles (CMS, co-supervision)
    The Church and Communities of All Saints North Street
  • Livia Lupi
    Painted Architecture and Pictorial Place: the Representation of Architecture in Italy in the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries
  • Hilary Moxon
    The Narrative and Heraldic Painted Glass in the Chapter House of York Minster
  • Terrence Nixon
    A consideration of painted wooden tympana c1400-c1700 in English Churches
  • Nicola Sinclair (co-supervision with Dr Susan Foister, National Gallery)
    Early German Art in the National Gallery and Beyond: The Case of the Krüger Collection and its Reception in Britain in the Latter Half of the 19th Century
  • Lyndsey Smith
    Waterways and White Gold: The Ivories of Anglo-Saxon England (c. 500-1066)
  • Heidi Stoner
    Representing Power and Majesty in Anglo-Saxon England
  • Justin Sturgeon (CMS, co-supervision)
    Imagin(in)g Chivalry: How Text and Image Merge in the Livre des tournois to Define Courtly Culture in the Fifteenth Century
  • Elizabeth Wright (CMS, co-supervision)
    The Representation of the Book in the Visual and Textual Culture of Anglo-Saxon England 


Recent students

  • Jasmine Allen
    Stained Glassworlds: Stained Glass and the International Exhibitions, c.1851-1900
  • Lucy Allen (CMS, co-supervision)
    Reading and Visual Processing in Late-Medieval England
  • Meg Boulton
    Conceptualisation of Sacred Space in Anglo-Saxon Northumbria in the Sixth to Ninth Centuries
  • Jane Crease
    "Incomparable Sepulchres": The Alabaster Altar Tomb in Yorkshire, 1350-1550
  • Amanda Denton
    An Anglo-Saxon Theory of Style in the arts of seventh and eighth century Northumbria
  • Zoe Dumelow
    Visual Representations of Biblical Dreams in England, c.1200-1350
  • Heather Gilderdale-Scott (joint supervision with Paul Crossley, Courtauld Institute of Art)
    The Painted Glass of Great Malvern Priory, Worcs., c.1440-1500 
  • Luisa Izzi (CMS, co-supervision)
    Representing Rome in Anglo-Saxon England
  • Alison James (CMS, co-supervision)
    Gentry Masculinity in 15th-century Yorkshire
  • Holly James-Maddocks (CMS, co-supervision)
    Collaborative Book Production in Fifteenth-Century London
  • Christine Maddern (CMS, co-supervision)
    Early Northumbrian Name Stones
  • Elizabeth McCormick
    Casts, Catalogues, and Curators: Acquisition and Display of Early Medieval Sculpture in National Museums, c. 1850 to 1950
  • Eleanor McCullough (CMS, co-supervision)
    Praying the Passion: Laypeople's Participation in the Medieval Liturgy and Devotion
  • Chloe Morgan (CMS, co-supervision)
    'Brynge Hym into my Chapelle: Sacred Space in Middle English Romance'
  • Mike Reed (CMS, co-supervision)
    Anglo-Scandinavian Sculpture in East Anglia
  • David Reid
    The history of the re-used twelfth-century glass of York Minster
  • Magdalena Skoblar
    ‘Sermons in Stone': Eleventh-century Sculpture in CroatiaHarold Stirrup Monastic Artists at Work: A Thematic Study of Liturgical Book Illustration in England c. 1125-75
  • Philippa Turner
    Image and Devotion in Late Medieval English Cathedrals
  • Helen York
    The Meaning of Hans Memling’s Landscapes


BA Modules

  • Age of Cathedrals
  • An Introduction to Medieval Art
  • Art, Architecture and Higher Education: British Universities during the Later Middle Ages
  • Art of the Insular World
  • Body, Space and Image in Medieval Europe
  • Late Medieval York
  • Church, College and Castle c. 1250-1450
  • Eccentric Cities: Art, Politics and Trade in Italy 1100-1400 +
  • Jerusalem in Western Medieval Art and Architecture *
  • Illuminating the Bible *+
  • Image & Icon. Representing the Sacred in the Early Medieval World *+
  • Impacts of the Late Antique c. 350-850
  • Making Sense of the World: Art, Medicine and the Sciences +
  • Medieval Cairo: An Introduction to Islamic Architecture
  • Medievalisms
  • Royal Spaces in Medieval Europe: Church, City & Realm
  • Seeing and Being Seen: English Art in the Fourteenth Century *+
  • Stained Glass in the Great Church c. 1170-1350 *
  • The Art of Anglo-Saxon England, c.600-850
  • The Art of the Dome: Building Heaven on Earth in the Early Medieval World
  • The Virgin's Places: Chartres, Siena and Castile
  • The Victorian Gothic Revival

* Available 2016/7
+ Available 2017/8

MA Modules

  • Architecture of the Medieval Mediterranean, 1100-1300 +
  • Art and Imagery in York Minster *+
  • Churches & High Crosses: The Art of Stone in Anglo-Saxon England
  • Interpreting Northern Renaissance Art
  • Mapping the World, 1100-1300 *+
  • Monastic Patronage of the Arts 1080-1280
  • Painting on Light: Stained Glass in the Medieval Tradition *+
  • Paradises Lost and Found *
  • Romanesque Art and Architecture: Pilgrimage and Reform between Rome and Santiago
  • Scrolls & Serpents: The Arts of the early Insular World (c.600-900AD) +
  • The Domestic Interior in Italy 1400-1550 *
  • Theories of the Mediterranean
  • Writing Art in the Middle Ages 700-1400 *

* Available 2016/7
+ Available 2017/8




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