Formed in 2015, our newest research cluster is also our fastest growing.

Colleagues and students meet regularly to organise events including artist talks, gallery visits, lectures and symposia.

We have particularly close links with colleagues in other departments at York through the Centre for Modern Studies and work closely with museums, galleries and institutions around the world.

Our research expertise includes:

  • Abstract art
  • Avant-gardes and neo-avant-gardes
  • Contemporary art writing
  • Feminist art practices and theory
  • Film and film theory
  • Modern and contemporary sculpture
  • Postcoloniality, art and visual culture
  • Post-war American art
  • Queer theory


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Dr Teresa Kittler
Cluster Director

  • Thomas Bromwell 
  • Interwar British Art and the Apocalypse
  • Gabriella Beckhurst 
  • Performing Natures: Critical Ecologies of Photography and Performance at the end of the Twentieth Century
  • Yiran Chen 
  • Transboundary: Contemporary Chinese ink art in a global context
  • Helena Cox 
  • The Impact of British Art in Bohemia/Czech Lands around 1900
  • Francesca Curtis 
  • Posthuman Agency, Ecocentric Relations: Art, The Environment, and the Capacity for Change
  • Amina Diab 
  • Re-displaying the Modern: A History of Art Exhibitions, Artistic Networks and Institutions in the Middle East and North Africa 1947-1989 (AHRC funded CDA)
  • Jillian Echlin
  • The Potters of Lalejin: Iranian ceramics as a case study for contemporary craft culture in a digital age
  • George Field
  • Do works of art produced on the island of Capri between 1850 and 1945 share unifying principles besides subject, style and national origin?
  • Isabelle Gapp 
  • A Circumpolar Landscape? Art and Environment in Scandinavia and North America, 1896-1936
  • Mariko Hirabayashi
  • Charles Ricketts and Japan: The Liaison of Japanese Art in Britain from the 1880s to the 1920s
  • Debbie Innes 
  • The architectural, artistic and social histories of the New Gallery, Regent Street 1888-1910
  • Stephen Kerr 
  • The impetus provided by the Ernst-May-Siedlungen housing projects in Frankfurt during the Weimar Republic to the development of dweller-designed domestic interiors in Modernist mass-housing
  • Jonathan King 
  • The Art of Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant of the Bloomsbury group, taking a particularly queer stance using the theories of Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick
  • Louisa Lee 
  • Conceptual Art in Britain 1964–79 (AHRC funded CDA)
  • Kyveli Lignou-Tsamantani 
  • (In)visible Atrocity Images in Contemporary Art: Towards a Reconsideration of the Ethics and Politics of Photographing and Viewing Atrocities
  • Grace Linden 
  • Together as Kids: Dan Colen, Ryan McGinley and Dash Snow in New York, c. 2001-2010
  • Simon Marginson 
  • The Art of Picabia
  • Lydia Miller
  • An exploration of the career and contribution to 20th-century art of Ambrose McEvoy
  • Julia Musgrave 
  • Networking the Modern: Roger Fry and the Contemporary Art Society c.1910-1939
  • Samantha Niederman 
  • Solving 'the modern problem': Frances Hodgkins and Cedric Morris
  • Melanie Polledri 
  • Networks, Connections and Ambition: The work of Sir William Goscombe John 1899-1942
  • Jessica Schouela 
  • When Pictures Falter: Photography and Abstraction 1914–1930
  • Chris Sheldon
  • The Persistence of Modernity; Railways Art and Relativity’
  • Melissa Stanley
  • A thematic study on the planning and actualisation of three English towns of the New Town Movement: Letchworth, Milton Keynes, and Harlow
  • Yu-Jui Yang 
  • Beyond the Crafts and Arts Movement: two socialist paradigms for art liberty in Asia

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Dr Teresa Kittler
Cluster Director