Knowledge mobilisation and research into policy

Theme leads Dr Wanda Wyporska, The Equality Trust; Professor Kate Pickett, University of York, and Prof Rachel Churchill, Centre for Reviews and Dissemination

The translation of research knowledge into policy action and into clinical practice. Although the findings of high quality research (such as clinical trials and systematic reviews) may follow a straightforward and speedy route into clinical guidance, this is not always the case. With more complex research findings, particularly inference derived from bodies of knowledge or disparate research perspectives, become incorporated into policy is sometimes poorly understood and often serendipitous. In part this is due to lack of capacity in innovative communication skills among researchers, as well as political pressures not to act among change makers. Health-related campaigning and advocacy organisations aim to bridge that gap but themselves may need to develop capacity to engage with, and communicate, complexity in research.

Dr Wanda Wyporska and Professor Kate Pickett have extensive experience in the political engagement of science and translation of research into policy. Professor Rachel Churchill, through her work in evidence synthesis and knowledge mobilisation will advice Network researchers on the effective translation of evidence into practice.

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