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Collaboration Fund
(call closed)

The Closing the Gap network invited proposals for projects to support and encourage emerging collaborations around severe mental ill health. The objective of the fund was to support collaborations to develop new research proposals that could be funded through the Closing the Gap Network ‘Plus’ funds or through other funding bodies.

Each project may have a total value of up to £2000 (at 100 per cent fEC) to cover the costs of organising meetings or other activities aimed at developing a funding proposal.

To have a look at the projects which have been funded via this stream, please go to our "Funded Projects" section.

Network+ funds

Through separate funding rounds, CtG Network+ invited proposals for small-scale studies around severe mental illness. Life expectancy in people with severe mental ill health (SMI) is shortened by around 20 to 25 years, and our challenge is to better understand and reduce this health gap and associated health inequalities. Funding was available as part of the UKRI network ‘plus’ funding scheme for Mental Health Networks. The final Network + funding round was an Impact Accelerator funding call.

Previous funding rounds:

Autumn 2021 Closing the Gap IMPACT Accelerator Funding Call - status: closed, funds awarded

Summer/Autumn 2020 Funding Call - status: closed, funds awarded

Autumn 2019 Funding Call - status: closed, funds awarded