From now until 2022 Closing the Gap network will grow to deliver a full programme of research and facilitate collaboration.

The Closing the Gap network will be underpinned by the core principles of scientific rigour, collaboration between disciplines, innovation and co-production with people who have experienced severe mental ill health.

Our activities will be overseen by a steering committee with local, national and international expertise. We’ll hold a series of events to encourage collaboration and to offer grants to stimulate innovative research.

Our research priorities

Initially, our activities will involve four areas of work.

Green and blue space

Led by Professor Piran White and Dr Pete Coventry, our researchers are exploring how people interact with, and benefit from, their natural environments.

Big data

Professor Rowena Jacobs is leading a team which seeks to harness the potential of the vast amount of data relating to how people with SMI use health services and interact with their environment.

Digital technologies

Dr Lina Gega and Dr Sebastian Deterding are exploring the potential of smartphones, apps and other digital technology to improve the physical health of those living with SMI.

Co-design and creativity

Dr Deborah Maxwell is exploring the potential of co-design and creativity to understand and improve the physical health and wellbeing of people with SMI.

Overarching research areas

Although we’re focussing on these areas, we know there are overarching issues which span the four areas in which Closing the Gap is involved.

Health and social inequality

Professor Kate Pickett and Dr Stephanie Prady are researching the profound health inequality experienced by people with SMI in the hope of redressing the balance.

Read more about the health and social inequality project.

Knowledge mobilisation

Dr Wanda Wyporska of The Equality Trust, Professor Kate Pickett and Professor Rachel Churchill of the Centre for Reviews and Dissemination will explore the translation of research into policy action and clinical practice

Read more about the knowledge mobilisation project.


Read more about the network's research priorities:

Closing the Gap - Aims, Research Questions and Principles 2019 (PDF , 743kb)