How can we harness digital technologies to improve physical health and well being of people with SMI?

Theme leads: Dr Lina Gega, Department of Health Sciences and Hull York Medical School, and Dr Sebastian Deterding, Digital Creativity Labs, University of York

The Closing the Gap digital technology theme will explore how digital technologies can help people with SMI engage in activities that have the potential to improve their physical health and reduce the chances of infectious, chronic and life-limiting conditions; these activities could range from exercising and health eating to attending annual health checks and cancer screening or practising safer sex. The theme is particularly interested in digital technologies that can deliver interventions supported by frontline staff such as GPs, practice nurses, community psychiatric nurses and pharmacists, and by peers and families.

The work of the digital technology theme will be undertaken in consultation with services users and their carers who are the direct beneficiaries of digital interventions, with health and non-health professionals who need to support these interventions, and with commissioners who look at how digital technologies to improve physical health can be integrated within routine care pathways for people with SMI.

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