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The University is dedicated to supporting research to influence the world beyond academia, benefiting the wellbeing of people and society.

We encourage our staff to be entrepreneurial and provide support for staff in commercialising their research.

The University supports academics throughout the commercialisation process and advice in choosing the most suitable option between the three main routes when turning their research or inventions into commercial products or services.

Services with an existing marketplace and companies

The Research, Innovation and Knowledge Exchange Directorate support academics in licensing their technology, by providing Intellectual property (IP) to existing businesses that can convert it into practical application and market those products to customers.

“Don’t feel as though you have to apply research, but do your pure research in a way that you are aware of opportunities… What we have here is not just a new solvent, it’s a new solvent that points the way to a whole bunch of other discoveries.”

Professor James Clark, Director of the Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence and Co-developer of bio-based solvent Cyrene.

Watch Professor Clark's vlog for his thoughts on commercialising research and how licensing his technology to Circa has allowed the development of safer and more sustainable bio-based compounds. 

Novel products without a company with a similar vision

If there isn’t a current company providing similar products or services, academics can fill that gap in the market by forming new spin-out companies.  The University will provide funding and support in the initial registration stage of new spin-out companies, such as company registration, bank account set up and legal representation.

“With the stock exchange listing, it isn’t just the money that came with the investment. It came with a group of people who now have the skills to take Cizzle onto the next stage.”

Professor Dawn Coverley, Professor in the Department of Biology and Founder director of Cizzle Biotechnology PLC.

Watch Professor Coverley's vlog as she shares her journey and the hurdles Cizzle has overcome, as well as the importance of investments in pursuing her research on detecting lung cancer with bio-markers tests. 

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